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Accurate marriage predictions with the best marriage astrologers

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marriage predictions

Astrology helps to know everything about Marriage. Parashari and Bhrighu system of Vedic astrology solve all issues relating to love marriage or relationship problems. Any query related to marriage or love relations can be resolved with the help of online kundli matching

  • Delay in marriage
  • Marriage problems
  • Communication issues in relations
  • When will I get married?
  • Whether I will marry my beloved or not?
  • Whether my marriage would be successful?
  • Lack of harmony in marital relations.
  • What will a person have: a love or arrange marriage. 
  • How to win back your loved one?
  • Astrological Yogas of love marriage?
  • Solution for divorce.
  • Counseling and harmony in marriage.
  • Rectification of Mangal Dosha.
  • Perfect matching of horoscope for a healthy marriage.

If one is anxious due to any of above reasons, please read on. 

Marriage the most important phenomena of life

Marriage is a turning point in life that changes our life forever. When we unite with another soul, we tend to get affected with each and every minor action of our partner. It not only affects us mentally but physically, financially and socially as well. We tend to become happier and more contended if we are lucky enough to tie a knot with the most suitable person. 

But the question arises as to how to decide the most suitable match to a person? Who actually is this suitable person? All of us have some significant personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. These inherent qualities are our unique identity similarly each of us has his/her own unique identity. 

A successful marriage is one where both the partners have similar approach towards life and problems related to that. We often hear opposites attracts. This might be true as far as physical attractions and personal tastes matter but when it comes to taking important decisions in life they both should think alike. Else there are chances of misunderstandings and arguments. Even in daily life the two should have mutual understanding and faith in each other to lead a happy married life.

Astrology predictions by date of birth

Astrological predictions for marriage done through date of birth comprehensively deals with predictions and remedies related to all aspects of married life that may make you anxious.

Just like your birthday, the date of your wedding (and its related zodiac sign) can give hints around your future, for better or worse. 

Finding a perfect life partner in this world is exceptionally tough. The personality or specific characteristics of an individual are dependent on the zodiac, month of the date of birth, and year of birth. Numerology separates humans into nine sorts with specific traits. Of course, everything depends upon the date of birth you are born.

This is often much more complex than fair separating the entire world into distinctive individuals, but it is outlandish to clarify each date. In free marriage predictions, solutions are provided through in depth reading and establishing karmic links to one’s past life.

Delay in marriage as indicated in your marriage horoscope brings several difficulties with it which can be summarized as follows:

  • The chances of getting a compatible partner gets reduced with age
  • Problems in childbirth emerge with age.
  • Financial inconsistency rises with age.

As discussed above, there may be several marriage problems and therefore, each problem has to be seen in broad spectrum to find specific solutions. A learned Marriage Astrologer will help in finding the root cause of the problem and then solving it through effective remedies.

Marriage prediction by date of birth is based on basic information provided by the native in marriage calculator. It reveals every personality trait of your spouse almost accurately. This exercise help you know your life partner better and also a great way in ascertaining whether you both are compatible to each other and what are the fields to be worked upon. 

Interpretation of a marriage horoscope

  • All twelve houses of a birth chart signify different aspects of your life from birth to death. Out of these 12 houses, the 7th house deals with the marriage aspects of an individual and is ruled by the planet Venus in natural horoscope.
  • An influence of malefic and benefic planets on the seventh house talks about the success or failure of a marriage. Planets like Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh), and Moon are referred as benefic planets, while Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu, and Ketu are known as malefic planets.
  • Apart from the concerned influence, various negative yogas like kuja dosha, rahu dosha, kaal sarp dosha etc. are also ascertained by astrologers. These may create obstacles, miseries and delays in marriage.
  • 5th house of a horoscope is the house of love and romance and needs to be analyzed to know about your love relations. Its connection with the seventh house gives indications of a love marriage.
  • 9th house or the house of fortune and its Lord also plays a significant role in stabilizing a healthy marriage.
  • The position of Venus and Mars also matter in affirming a prosperous life. 

Astrology by date of birth for marriage may help you identify all these aspects in detail and ensure bright chances for a successful marriage.

Free marriage predictions analyze your 7th bhava (house) and give you fair insights about your married life and also the kind of bond you will share with your spouse. The predictions further analyze your Dasha – Anatardasha periods in depth to learn about the most favorable time in your marriage.

The free marriage prediction in Hindi by date of birth also provides remedies to rectify these problems. 

Possibility of Second marriage

Sometimes the first marriage doesn’t work great due to incompatibility or death of any one of them. In such case, an individual decides to go for second marriage. This is also an important aspect which should be analyzed properly by a learned astrologer.

No one wishes to land in this situation but even if he/she has to then all the peculiarities must be checked through a talk to astrologer. The 2nd house of the horoscope gains prominence in checking the possibility of second marriage.

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