Analyzing Prospect of Divorce & Separation through Vedic Astrology

It is true that certain astrological signs can indicate a possible divorce in a birth chart. Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun can all be seen as indicators of a potential marriage breakdown. In order to make an accurate prediction about marriage and divorce, one must consider the position and condition of Venus and Jupiter.

Predicting Divorce in a Janma Kundali

Astrology can reveal whether an individual is prone to marital discord or separation by examining the planetary alignments affecting marriage and relationship houses in their natal chart.

The 7th house and its lord signify legal bonding, partnerships and spouse attributes. Afflictions here can cause disharmony. The 2nd house indicates family life and its happiness. The 8th house is associated with longevity of marriage while the 12th house relates to loss and separation. Planets influencing these houses need evaluation. Create your Free Kundli.

Role of Malefic Planets

Presence of malefic planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu and Saturn in the above mentioned houses points to marital instability. Their aspect or conjunction gives friction. Mars signifies aggression and dispute. Rahu creates a lack of emotional bonding. Saturn brings detachment and Sun causes ego conflicts when relating with the 7th house of spouse.

Importance of Benefic Planets

Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics for marriage. Jupiter signifies wisdom, balance and harmony in relationships when positively placed. It protects against breakups. Venus is the karaka for marriage, romance and compatibility. Its favorable position promotes marital accord. An afflicted Venus gives strained ties. Analyzing placements of these two planets and benefic yogas involving them is crucial.

Factors That Indicate Risk of Divorce:

  • Saturn influencing the 7th house or its lord
  • Presence of malefic planets in the 7th house
  • Affliction to Venus by Saturn, Rahu or Mars aspects
  • Debilitated Jupiter unable to protect marriage
  • Mars-Rahu conjunction in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house
  • Inharmonious Navamsa positions of planets ruling the 7th house
  • Venus being hemmed between malefics in the Navamsa
  • Unfavorable transits that activate separation

However, negative indications in the natal chart do not guarantee divorce. Astrological remedial measures, maturity of the individual and supportive external conditions can help overcome weaknesses shown in the Kundali.

Key Combinations That May Denote Divorce

Manglik Dosha – The positioning of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in a Kundali from Ascendant or Moon forms Manglik dosha & creates marital disharmony. It causes friction and aggression between partners, elevating divorce risk. This imparts a temperamental nature and disputes that may rupture the marital bond.

Papakartari Yoga for Venus – When malefics Saturn and Mars hem in Venus from both sides in a birth chart, blocking its positive expression, it leads to turbulent relations.

Kaalsarpa Dosha – This yoga comprising 6 or more planets on one side of the Rahu-Ketu axis brings obstacles and separation in marital life.

Nadi Dosha – Matching ‘nadi’ between partners is essential for compatibility. If there is a problem in the birth nadi analysis of the couple, it denotes discord at a cellular level that disrupts marriage over time.

The Ganas between partners defined by their nakshatras should also preferably be compatible for avoiding conflicts in marriage. Extreme disharmony in Ashtakoot scores of Gun Milan analysis can be a risk factor as well.

Analyzing Challenging Dasha and Transits

Along with natal charts, the operating Dasha periods of planets at a given time and their transit influences can trigger divorce events. The Mahadasha and Antardasha of malefic planets causing marital affliction may bring heightened conflicts, legal separation or divorce.

Similarly, disruptive Saturn, Rahu or Mars transits over houses linked to marriage and relationships in the natal chart, or directly impacting the marital 7th house trigger turbulence and risk of breakups.  However, if such transits form favorable Raj Yogas, they can be overcome.

Remedial Measures To Avoid Divorce

To mitigate chances of divorce due to malefic Kundali doshas, remedial measures can be adopted as prescribed by astrologers:

  • Wearing a Jyotish quality Emerald, Diamond or Blue Sapphire
  • Performing puja and donation to propitiate afflicting planets
  • Chanting mantras of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury
  • Undertaking prayers and fasts to strengthen marital bond
  • Vedic rituals like Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja and Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja

While indications of divorce may exist in a chart, positive thinking, sincere efforts and spiritual remedies can certainly overcome troubled forewarnings. Astrology provides guidance to shape one’s marital karma positively through free will. With wise choices and remedial action, malignant combinations can be offset to experience marital fulfillment.


In summary, Vedic Astrology enables a deeper understanding of the planetary energies influencing marital compatibility and harmony. While certain combinations do raise the risk of divorce and estrangement, human effort and spiritual practices can remedy negatives. Chart analysis should be seen as guidance to make corrections early. With diligent planetary appeasement and conscious relationship nurturing aligned to the Kundali’s insights, one can certainly achieve marital success despite negative indications.

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