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Ashwini nakshatra- All you want to know

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Ashwini nakshatra

According to Vedic astrology, the deities of Ashwini Nakshatra are Ashwini Kumar and Linga Purush. Ashwini Nakshatra is the first constellation or nakshatra in vedic astrology.

It is a group of 3–3 stars, which are visible in the sky after sunset in early January in the celestial sphere. The constellation has been named after twin Ashwini Kumars in the Vedic period.

The word ‘Ashwini’ means ‘like a horse’ and has profound effect on the earth. The gooseberry or amla tree is considered its symbol.

The expansion of zero to 13 degree 20 minutes in the Bhachakra comes under the purview of Ashwini Nakshatra. The ruling planet of this constellation is Ketu.

This constellation has been kept in the category of Gandmool constellations. Ketu is a mysterious planet. The deity of the constellation is Ashwini.

Ashwini Nakshatra is the son of Surya, Ashwini Kumar. Ashwini Nakshatra on the basis of Kurmachakra indicates Ishaan or the Northeast direction. And any event taking place in this direction may be the results of the movement of planets in the Ashwini Nakshatra. While making predictions of the country, the regions of the northeast can be considered through Ashwini Nakshatra.

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Ashwini Nakshatra:

If you are born in Ashwini Nakshatra, then your zodiac sign will be Aries and your birth constellation lord will be Ketu. The effect of zodiac lord Mars and Ketu will be prominent in your life which could be visibly noticed.

According to the Avakahara Chakra, the character of the person is Kshatriya, Vashya Chatushpad, Horse Yoni, Mahavaira Yoni Mahisha, Gana Deva and Adi Nadi. They generally have stout and strong body with balanced physique. They have large eyes with attractive appearance and broad forehead.

These people are rich and lucky. They are known to acquire all kinds of properties and jewelery, have attraction towards woman and gets happiness of son etc. Ashwini is counted as the first constellation in the scriptures and it is said:

“Priyabhushan Swaroop Subhagodakshoashwinishu Matimanscha.”

‘‘प्रियभूषण: स्वरूप सुभगोदक्षोस्श्विनीषु मतिमांश्च।’’

Explanation- If one is born in Ashwini Nakshatra then a person is a lover of adornment, a lover of ornaments, beautiful, thin, attractive, well shaped, beloved of all, clever in working and very intelligent.


Subhago Daksha: Sthulkayo Mahadhani Ashwinisambhavo Loke Jayate Janavallabh:”

-‘‘सुरूप: सुभगो दक्ष: स्थूलकायो महाधनी अश्विनीसम्भवो लोके जायते जनवल्लभ:’’

A person born in Ashwini Nakshatra is beautiful, fortunate, skilled in work, gross body, wealthy and popular.

According to Narada Samhita:

The saint says while describing the prescribed works that it is auspicious to wear new clothes and ornaments, buy vehicle,  do agricultural activities or construction and study etc. in Ashwini Nakshatra.

It is clear that Ashwini Kumar is the lord of Ashwini constellation, Nadi-Adi, Gana-devata, Rashi-Mangal, Yoni-horse, Vashya-Chatushpad, Varna-Kshatriya, Rashi-Aries and alphabets are Chu Che Cho La. In this way it is the most pleasing, star constellation.

According to mythological belief, Ashwini Kumar’s father Surya and mother Shang gave birth to Ashwini Kumar, the twin brothers.

According to this legend, Ashwini Kumar is ascending from heaven sitting in a chariot fitted with three wheeled horses. It has been stated that the natives who are born in this Nakshatra are likely to be intellectually strong with developed physique, loves traveling and makes steady progress in life.

The people of this nakshatra have special interest in professions involving knowledge and intelligence. They can also be seen in military, police, protection related workload and other systems.

The Horse which symbolizes Ashwini Nakshatra can be considered as a vehicle. For this reason, the nakshatra is associated with the business of vehicles and transport.

Ashwini Nakshatra has the following effects – healthy body, red eyes, protruding teeth and any kind of marks are visible on the face. The people of Ashwini Nakshatra are fond of material pleasures, fearless and are attracted to women.

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Personality of those born in Ashwini Nakshatra- 

Those born in Ashwini Nakshatra have beautiful face and attractive personality. They are more energetic and active with great enthusiasm. You are not generally satisfied with small and easy task. You get more pleasure in doing big and important things involving recognition. You are virtuous, intellectual, patient and possessive by nature.

You do not face any kind of shortage in life in terms of wealth. Due to your hardworking attitude and dedication towards work, you achieve success at a young age and your fame spreads all around.

But you believe in completing tasks in as minimum time as possible. This could be clearly seen in your attitude which sometimes adds to your temper if things do not fall in place and that too in the shortest of the time. If something comes to your mind, you quickly turn it into action.

You are lively, cheerful and intelligent and you also have an amazing ability to understand anything quickly and take the right decision. Your nature is mysterious, so you will also be interested in religion, mantra and yoga. You are also fearless and courageous but you should always avoid getting angry. 

When you are angry, you do not listen to anyone. You lose self control and get hurt many times due to uncontrolled anger. But you know how to defeat your enemies and you cannot be controlled by force or pressure.

Only love and affection can win over you. You appear very calm and restrained outside and will take your decision after analyzing all related aspects. You never step back you’re your words or promises and try to fulfill whatever has been committed from your side. It is not your nature to change your decisions by being influenced by someone’s words. You also know how to complete all your work well.

You can prove to be the best friend of friends and are ready to sacrifice everything for those whom you love. If you see someone in trouble, you always try your best to help him.

You will have immense patience even in the worst of troubles and you have full faith in God too. Despite being traditional, you have no enmity with modernity. This Nakshatra has more faith in decoration, hence always interested in attractive, expensive and comfortable items.

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The people born in this Nakshatra are skilled enough to do all type of work. You may be a lover of music and literature. Even for a small task, you take high mental pressure. You fulfill your needs through continuous efforts. These are mostly in government jobs or you can also get help from the government. 

The deity of Ashwini Nakshatra is Ashwini Kumar, so it is natural for the people of this constellation to be interested in herbs, naturopathy and traditional medicine.

If the people of this Nakshatra do their business, then they are fond of maintaining contacts with influential people. 

They may be a horse trader, a horse trainer, a horse racer, a person doing work related to vehicles in the present day, dealing in beauty products, working in any advertising company. And they can become good doctors and get good success in the field of medicine.

You can also try your hand in the areas of security department, police department, army, intelligence department, engineering, teaching, training etc.

You will also have a special love for literature and music and your sources of income may also be more than one. By the age of thirty, you may have to see a lot of ups and downs. But after that you get good success.

Family life-

You love your family very much but you may have conflicts from father’s side, but mother’s side will always be ready to help you and people outside the family will also help you a lot. Your married life looks happy. The number of sons may be more than that of daughters.


Your health will be fine, but there may be complaints of headache, heart disease etc. You should worship Ashwini Nakshatra for good health to get health benefits. 

Many scholars are of the opinion that if Ashwini Nakshatra is in the afflicted state known as gandmoola due to birth constellation, then one should worship the Amla tree.

The body component of Ashwini Nakshatra is the knee. Being a representation of Vata, it also affects the body.

Ashwini Nakshatra Veda Mantra-

Ashwinou Tejasachakshu: Pranen Saraswati Viryyam Vachendro Balenendraya Dadhurindriyam. Om Ashwini Kumarabhyo Namah.

ॐ अश्विनौ तेजसाचक्षु: प्राणेन सरस्वती वीर्य्यम वाचेन्द्रो
बलेनेन्द्राय दधुरिन्द्रियम । ॐ अश्विनी कुमाराभ्यो नम:।


Worshiping Lord Ganesha is very beneficial for the native of Ashwini Nakshatra. Along with this, working in the directions of Ashwini Nakshatra, the month of Ashwini, and the transiting time of the Moon on Ashwini Nakshatra is helpful in giving desired results.

Other facts-

Nakshatra – Ashwini

Zodiac – Aries

Vysya – quadruped

Yoni – horse

Mahavair – Mahisha

Zodiac lord – Mars

Gana – devta

Nadi- Adi

Element – fire

Sangya – shipr

Nakshatra deity – Ashwini Kumar

Panchashala Vedha – Poorva Phalguni

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