Decode Your Online Horoscope Through The Teachings of Sage Parashar

Horoscope: Meaning and Significance

A Horoscope is basically a cosmic map or blueprint that shows the positions of planets & stars in the zodiac belt at the exact time of a person’s birth. The planets cast an enormous impact upon us and in fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they play a decisive role in determining the outcomes of our actions & endeavours in life.

The kind of effects that the planets would cast on a person’s life can only be ascertained by deciphering the horoscope of that person. It is the positions of planets in the horoscope of a person that an experienced astrologer analyzes to decode what the planets are signifying for various domains of that person’s life.

Once the planetary effects are ascertained vis-a-vis the specific domains of life that the planets are affecting, it becomes possible for a person to chart the most favourable course of action for achieving success & prosperity in life with as little friction as possible!

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Astrology and its Significance 

Astrology which is better known as Vedic Astrology is an occult science that was revealed by the Holy Sages or ‘Rishis’ of ancient Bharat (India). They revealed this phenomenally helpful occult science with an aim to empower humankind with key information about how various domains of their lives are ‘originally’ slated to pan out and how they can make informed & timely decisions to make the most of it. Visit the website of Future Point to get your Free Online Horoscope!

Astrology makes it possible to know what is best for us and has the most promising prospects of bringing success in our lives. But more importantly, it cautions us about the dangers that are lurking around in various domains of our lives in the forms of obstacles, challenges or problems that could hold us back from leading a happy & fulfilling life.

Once we know how the planets are slated to impact our lives, we get into a tremendously empowered state from where we could make necessary changes to our life in the form of timely course correction, optimum selection of actions as well as adoption of powerful occult remedies that pacify the negative effects of the ill-placed of our horoscopes that fundamentally prevent us from succeeding in life.

Sage Parashar and His Methodology in Astrology

There have been many Rishis or Sages from the ancient times who have made immensely beneficial academic contributions for the betterment of our society. When it comes to the sacred occult science of Vedic Astrology, the contribution of Sage Parashar is truly phenomenal.

Sage Parashar did extensive research in Vedic Astrology. He formulated and added numerous concepts & functionalities that result in astonishingly profound analysis of a horoscope or kundli. Interestingly, the horoscope or kundli which is analyzed by employing the techniques revealed by Sage Parashar is called a ‘Parashar Kundli’.

It is the sheer efficacy of the methodology of Sage Parashar that makes it so widely accepted while decoding ‘the will of the planets’ for an individual. He compiled a comprehensive set of astrological guidelines for people to better understand the occult science of Vedic Astrology. The ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’, which was written by Sage Parashar is a widely studied text for learning Vedic Astrology.

To sum it all, Sage Parashar and his works are considered as an authority when it comes to deciphering what the celestial bodies in the form of planets & stars are signifying for various aspects or domains of a person’s life.

Remember, planets provide us with the results of some of our past life karmas that they hold to be accounted for in the current life of ours. So what better way to decode ‘the planetary will’ for us with respect to key areas of our lives than referring to the principles that Sage Parashar gave humanity thousands of years ago.

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Brihat Parashar Patrika

Future Point offers a comprehensive occult analysis report of a person’s life based on the methodology of Parashara Astrology. This report is called ‘Brihat Parashar Patrika’ and it offers an in-depth analysis of 5 key domains of your life which are:

  1. Education
  2. Profession/Career
  3. Finance
  4. Family Life
  5. Health

The Brihat Parashar Patrika provides Yearly Predictions for the next 20 years covering all major domains of life along with monthly predictions that would help you in making informed decisions at regular intervals in life.

Furthermore, this report will contain incredibly useful analysis of the Dasha periods as per the Vimshottari Dasha for the entire life. The ‘All Dosha Report’ and the ‘All Yoga Report’ are also a key feature of the Brihat Parashar Patrika and focus on decoding the effects of all the doshas as well as yogas that are present in your horoscope.

The Brihat Parashar Patrika is a 300+ pages long report that thoroughly covers all key domains of your life. It offers powerful & time-tested occult remedies that are specific to the planetary positionings of your own horoscope. The remedies range from Vedic Astrology to Lal Kitab which is another complementary occult science known for its highly effective remedial measures.


The Brihat Parashar Patrika is an amazing occult guide that every person must have to make informed and thereby rewarding decisions in life. Remember, fortune favours only the prepared. Therefore, know what the planets have in store for you based on the wisdom & techniques that Sage Parashar revealed and gifted to humanity.

Chart a well thought out course of action for yourself in-line with what is best signified for you by the celestial bodies and enhance your chances to succeed in life manifold!

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