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Different Zodiac Make for a Different Lover

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Love Astrology

Love Astrology: Love is the most desired feeling in everyone’s life bringing inner joy and happiness. It is the only thing that makes us feel contented and gives us mental peace. But does everyone is lucky enough to get their desired portion of love? Does love means the same for everyone? Do people express their love in the same and general manner? The answer to all these questions is probably No! According to the best astrologer in Delhi, the reason behind these variations is the varied nature and preferences of different people belonging to different zodiac signs.

Not everyone is the same not are their expressions and understandings. Thanks to Astrology that helps us to understand the roots of these varied behaviors. One may learn astrology to understand that every zodiac sign pertains to a certain set of traits and characteristics. As far as love is concerned one is more passionate lover than the other. This happens due to variations in their zodiac characteristics giving them different inclinations and expressions in love. 

Let’s understand one after the other what all zodiac signs feel in general when it comes to express their love:


Aries are known for their energetic behavior and prompt actions. So, when in love with an Aries native your independent nature will be the biggest attraction for your lover. They are independent and strong and wish their partners to act the same. Always running with enthusiasm, this wild and adventurous fire sign happily takes the initiative when it comes to propose or start a friendship. They’re quick to react when someone grabs their attention. But to keep an Aries’ eye on you, a Love Marriage Astrologer suggests you to show your energetic and exciting part to them. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love itself. Taurus natives love luxury, beauty, relaxation, aromas and are very warm in nature. They love meeting people and hanging out at serene places. They are compassionate lovers and love to mingle up with others. They have an urge to feel loved and wish for comfort and stability in a love relationship. They can’t exaggerate things but feel them by heart. They take sex and love as one and like to keep their relationship as simple as possible. 


A Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury, a fun loving and talkative planet. Gemini folks love to socialize and make as many friends as possible. They generally prefer hanging around before getting committed in a relationship. They are never in a hurry to get serious in a relationship. Mercury in kundli makes them have great inclinations for outer beauty and fun loving nature. If in love with Gemini keep your lover amused to maintain a healthy relationship! 


Cancer natives are most emotional and caring zodiac signs. For them, love is a serious aspect of life and they remain committed to their love partner forever. They are caring, romantic, loyal, and never hesitate to express what they feel about their partner. So, when in love with Cancer, commitment and care is what demanded on your partner’s part. They desire trust and stability in a relationship. 


Leo the fire sign demands passion and energy in a relationship. Being the creative and intellectual sign of the natural zodiac, the Leo natives appreciate these traits in their partner. They have desire to feel special and valued. They are royal and expressive in nature and pamper their partners with luxuries in life. They can’t stand arrogance and wish for attention from their partner. 


A Virgo native makes for the perfect lover with their style of perfection in almost everything they do. They are critical and judgmental in nature and thus analyze each and every activity of their partner but at the same time makes for the most loyal signs of the zodiac. Their sense of responsibility is beyond words and kundli matching with a Virgo is a blessing.  


Libra natives are social and would prioritize their time for their loving partner over their general friends. Libra is ruled by luxurious planet Venus and blesses its natives with romantic gestures. Carried away with luxuries, they love to treat their partner with choicest gifts and lavish meals. Their partners just can’t resist their well groomed and sweet appearance. 


Sagittarius is ruled by the wisest Jupiter and weighs an individual after meeting and speaking with them. Sagittarius is a generous sign that appreciates sense of love in every living being. They are generous in love and also expect the same from their partners. They may prefer to stay alone rather than spending their life with someone not worthy of their love and care. 


Capricorn natives are known for their conventional and disciplined mannerism. They make for a reliable partner who will affirm a long-term relationship. They are reliable, determined and faithful which makes them valuable lovers. If you are in love with a Capricorn, disciplined behavior is what desired for. 


Being in love with Aquarius feels like having your best friend around all the time. They will get involved with you in each and everything. They will always come up with the most fascinating ideas and may surprise you every now and then. Even if they aren’t great with romance, they will demonstrate how much you value to them in their own unique manner. They are social individuals and love to have their own space, so to keep your relationship get going it is important to give them space to figure things out for themselves and never pressure them for any commitment.


Pisces are also one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. Extremely intuitive and sensitive, they seek romance when in love and desire for a soul mate. Their sense of deep love and empathy makes them a great loving partner. All in all, Pisces in love is passionate and intense.

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