Does Blessing, Cleansing & Activating a Gemstone Maximizes Benefits?

While adorning gemstones can channel planetary energies into your life, following proper Vedic rituals to purify, energize and bless them is equally important to amplify their positive effects. Let us explore how to spiritually activate your gemstones before wearing them.

Astrological Selection of Gemstones

The first step is to get your horoscope or online kundli analyzed by an expert Vedic Astrologer to identify the most suitable gemstone for you. Depending on inauspicious planetary positions and doshas  (planetary flaws) in your janam kundli or horoscope, they will recommend a quality gemstone to strengthen weak cosmic energies influencing your life. Thus, gemstone prescriptions must always be customized to your birth chart or horoscope for ideal results.

Blessing the Gemstone

Once you have procured the Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) quality gemstone, the blessing ritual infuses it with positive vibrations. The process begins with meditating on the gemstone’s presiding deity and chanting the associated mantras. Most bless their gemstones by offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laskhmi. Astrologers may also recommend Navagraha mantras for blessing.

Energizing/Cleansing through Abhishekam

Abhishekam is the ceremonial bathing of the gemstone with water, milk, sacred herbs, honey etc. This ritual cleanses the stone of any negative energy. For example Pearls are bathed with rose water and milk. Yellow Sapphire and Hessonite are also cleansed in this purifying abhishekam process before wearing them for the first time.

Activating through Mantras and Puja

The gemstone is further energized by invoking its presiding deity through specified mantras and rituals. The Prana Pratishtha ceremony infuses the stone with life energy. Vedic Astrologers recommend the ideal activation process aligned to the gemstone’s ruling planet. This amplifies the stone’s benefits multifold.

Testing and Trial Period

Before fully starting to wear the gemstone as a ring or pendant, a trial period from a few hours to 3 days is advised to test for any physical or emotional discomfort. If you feel agitated or restless, the gemstone may not be suitable and needs to be replaced.

Honouring the Mystical Energy of Gemstones

Legend speaks of gemstones as vessels of cosmic forces that can attune human destiny when worn with due reverence. Across ancient cultures, precious jewels were believed to harness planetary energies and influence fortune. While many adorn them as accessories today, a meditative outlook reveals their deeper purpose – to harmonize our inner universe and revoke higher blessings.

The mystical sciences of Jyotish and Vastu provide profound insights on gemstones as conduits of luck. By analyzing one’s unique birth chart, ancient astrologers would prescribe specific stones to amplify positive planetary vibrations affecting karmic patterns. Slowly but surely, the right gemstone dissolves discordant energies to attract wealth, love and success effortlessly into one’s realm.

But which planet rules which stone? Ruby intensifies the Sun energy in natives. The cool, soothing Pearl enhances the intuition guided by the Moon. Intellect and expression shine brighter with the Emerald, Mercury’s powerful gemstone. Diamonds amplify Venus’ blessings of glamour and romance for Librans and Taureans.

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While their alluring sheen adorns us aesthetically, a contemplative outlook unlocks their cosmic potency. By nullifying negative karmic traces obstructing our destiny, gemstones can realign future possibilities remarkably. Their electromagnetic aura is absorbed into one’s being, guiding us to our higher purpose. But remember, accuracy of prescription aligns us to their full potential.

So let us honour gemstones as cosmic allies on our journey, not mere ornaments. May we attune to their sacredness and intuitive guidance as they dissolve inner darkness and invoke fortune through mystical vibrations. For when worn with awareness, their blessings can illuminate our lives into manifestations of abundance and awakening.

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