Do you know that your Janam Kundli or Birth Chart is a one stop solution to all your problems in life? Your birth chart based on your basic birth details like date, place and time of birth is your most valuable possession in life.

A birth chart or your horoscope records the accurate positions of celestial bodies in the sky, at the moment of your birth. Why does it is considered so important? Your kundli may give even the smallest detail about your life and the whole graph of your life can be predicted efficiently by a careful analysis of it.

Who doesn’t want to remain one step ahead of their competitors? Awareness is the key to success in this highly competitive world and here your horoscope plays a dominant role by keeping you updated about your good and bad times. Whenever you face any troublesome situation in life, look for the answers and solutions hidden in your janam kundli.

You just need to provide your date, place and time of birth online and you are ready with your free kundli.  Once you get your birth chart, the next step is to approach an experienced and learned astrologer to gain valuable insights into your personality and future events.


Four easy steps to get your free online kundli

Getting your janam kundli is just a click away. Follow these simple steps to get your free online birth chart in no time. Provide your-

• Birth date
• Birth time
• Birth place
• Select the gender

Save your profile for the future reference

Life revolves around the houses, planets and zodiac signs in the birth chart

In Astrology, there are 12 houses, 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 27 nakshatras. The planetary influence in various houses, signs and nakshatras determine the theme of your life. What kind of person you are? What are your aspirations in life? Your success, education, marriage, financial position, wealth, family relations, career, inheritance, health, sudden gains and losses, progeny, foreign settlement or foreign trade etc. can be seen through your birth chart.

In your birth chart, each house possesses specific significations to demonstrate a particular area of life. These houses are always fixed and the presence of various zodiac signs and planets into them creates different results in the lives of different people. Astrology is a vast subject and there may be end number of astrological combinations and permutation to deduce a single prediction. It is not at all an easy task and a great amount of knowledge, learning, dedication and experience is required on the part of the astrologer to come up with accurate future predictions. Only a learned astrologer like Dr. Arun Bansal and his team can perform this herculean task with utmost ease and finesse. One planet may mean different things for different people and a planet, house and zodiac sign should be analyzed very carefully to decode this divine language in simple words.

The crux of astrology lies in understanding each rashi based on its natural characteristics and element and further amalgamating the results with the influence of the planets and houses. The planets and their strength, placement, associations and navamsha position should be understood carefully to actually make out what they are for in our life? Not the lagna chart but varied divisional charts meant for specific aspects of life should also be read by the esteemed astrologer to give error free astrological predictions. It goes without saying that only an accurate reading may facilitate accurate astrological remedies to overcome problems and struggles in life.

The importance of your birth chart or kundli

  • First of all, it is essential to get your birth chart made by a learned astrologer or processed through the most accurate astrology software. The ancient science of Astrology makes use of these planetary indications as depicted in your birth chart to estimate results in your life.
  • The kundli reflects a mirror image of a person. It contains all information regarding the physical and mental attributes of a person. It makes easy for a person to understand the strengths and flaws in his/her personality and to focus on the strong areas to gain maximum benefits in life.
  • The kundli helps to understand why certain complications are occurring at a given point of time. A careful analysis of your kundli helps to determine the possible malefic effects of planets in your life and can be rectified timely to stop further deterioration.
  • In life, we are stuck amidst choices and can’t decide what is best for us? Here we can take divine indications as recorded in our birth chart through an astrological consultation. We become assure as what has been promised for us and focus all our efforts in that direction to get success.
  • All important decisions in life like Education, Marriage, Divorce, Career, Business, Health, Foreign Settlement or Trade, Finance and Love Life etc. can be taken after taking references from the kundli. This helps in taking the right decision without wasting our valuable resources.
  • The person becomes aware of the good and bad times ahead and can plan accordingly to make maximum out of the coming times. If hard times are indicated, then the person may resort to prescribed astrological remedies and maintain a low profile while all important decisions involving huge risks and investment can be taken in the favorable duration of time.

Advanced online Astrology services

Diving deep into your birth chart is not that anyone can do. Only a learned astrologer with considerable experience can do that with the help of advanced astrology software. It is because the complex calculations involved in analyzing the chart are beyond human capabilities with more chances of errors. The astrology software LeoStar and its available advanced versions serve as a great tool for most of the renowned and successful professional astrologers.


The charts produced in LeoStar software are 100% accurate with absolutely no chances of errors. The software is a result of research of several years and amalgamates expertise and knowledge of various renowned astrologers.

Saves Time

The most complex calculations that are beyond ordinary capabilities are performed within fraction of seconds. You just provide the basic details and all detailed information required for making the most influential predictions and readings.

Easy Access

Once you have produced your astrology chart by using the software you may get access to it anytime anywhere. Moreover, you can easily take out the prints in no time for further convenience.

Free of cost

You may get your kundli for free with online free kundli services. You may procure your birth chart for free and for further detailed information, subscriptions can be added.