Fruits of the Zodiac: Discover Which Fruit Represents Your Sign

Planets and Zodiac Signs are known to have associations with various entities such as metals, gemstones, colours etc. But did you know that the signs of the zodiac are linked to specific fruits as well?

Yes, they are!

All 12 zodiac signs are associated with specific fruits that nurture and compliment the qualities & attributes that the signs exude. In order to identify which fruit is the most closely linked to a person, one needs to look at the ascendant sign in that person’s horoscope.

So without further ado, let us look at which fruit would enhance the core characteristics of a person based on his/her ascendant sign.

Aries: Pomegranate

People with an Aries ascendant are bold, courageous and strong-willed. Such people are headstrong and have a heightened sense of determination. They are not afraid to take the leap of faith and face challenges with grit & confidence in life. These people are known to be the best of friends and are always there to help their friends in their hour of need.

The fruit that is associated with Aries is Pomegranate. This fruit nurtures the positive aspects of the personality of people with an Aries ascendant. Pomegranate enhances energy and vitality in Aries and helps them remain in a rejuvenated state which is full of energy.

Taurus: Guava

Taurus is a sign which when present as the ascendant in a person’s horoscope makes that person calm and composed. However, it also signifies an attitude of defiance and stubbornness as well. People with a Taurus ascendant are known to have a clear vision in life and are aware of their goals & objectives in life.

Guava is the fruit which is associated with Taurus. Therefore, consuming guava brings clarity in people with a Taurus ascendant. This fruit promotes a steady trajectory of life and brings out the ability of being a good listener in the native. Guava positively influences the mind of such a person and helps in cultivating the qualities patience & tolerance.

Gemini: Orange

People with a Gemini ascendant are very good at communicating and often leave an unforgettable first impression on those whom they get in touch with. They are imaginative and have a touch of creativity in their pursuits and endeavours. However, at times they can be seen acting in their self-interest and try to make their way out of trouble by excluding themselves from commitment.

‘Tangy’ Orange is the fruit associated with Gemini ascendant. It polishes the ability of Gemini to communicate effectively. Orange enhances the understanding of worldly affairs among natives with a Gemini ascendant. It helps them to solve relationship problems and offers fantastic ability to counsel those who need motivation to accomplish their goals in life.

Cancer: Muskmelon

People having the sign of Cancer as their ascendant are highly emotional and are capable of giving care & nourishment to others. Such people possess high levels of empathy and understand emotions very well. They are creative and artistic but often fail to keep their emotions in-check. They are highly sentimental and feel the pain of others quickly.

Muskmelon is the fruit that enhances the core or natural characteristics in a person with a Cancer ascendant. This fruit increases the intuitive ability of the native and helps in understanding what others actually feel. It helps in nurturing pleasant relationships and attracts people’s genuine affections. Muskmelon brings-out the artist in the native and promotes quick learning.

Leo: Apple

Those with Leo as their ascendant sign are natural leaders. Such people have a commanding attitude which makes them appear to be arrogant. However, they more often than not are not affected by public opinion. They have control over their emotions and hence, are able to channelize their energy & focus to achieve their objectives.

Apple is the fruit which is linked with Leo. This is the fruit which refines the primary characteristics present in people with Leo as their ascendant sign. It promotes clear understanding of a situation and helps in charting the most conducive course of action. It dispels lethargy and instills confidence by extracting the ‘go-getter’ with such natives.

Virgo: Papaya

People having Virgo as their ascendant are very good at understanding finances. They have an astounding sense of budget management. They are always successful at creating a stable source of income and spend money in a wise manner. They could be too calculative at times but they do everything by keeping in mind the interest of all.

Papaya is the fruit which is associated with people having a Virgo ascendant. This fruit enhances the understanding of monetary matters and brings forth the ability to manage finances effortlessly. Papaya casts a positive influence on the mind of a person with respect to leading an organized and well planned life.

Libra: Grapes

Those having a Libra ascendant are excellent at diplomacy. They have a natural flair or striking balance between people and maneuvering situations into their favour. They think a lot and arrive at rewarding solutions. They know the art of expressing themselves differently to people as per what the situation demands. They are very versatile and adaptable.

The fruit that brings out the natural qualities in people with a Libra ascendant is Grapes. This fruit helps such natives in gaining the right perspective of a given situation and make the most out of it. It promotes the natural instincts within them that are necessary to overcome challenges in life with ease & with as little friction as possible.

Scorpio: Watermelon

People with a Scorpio ascendant are emotional and sensitive. They are very ‘touchy’ and often take a silent offense at what they find inappropriate. However, they are great at finding creative solutions and that too which are beneficial for all that are involved in a situation. They are caring & highly protective of their near & dear ones. They do not forget the unpleasantness that occurred to them in the past and do not shy away from returning the gesture in the same coin.

The fruit that is associated with people having the ascendant sign of Scorpio is Watermelon. It nurtures their emotions and promotes a soothing feeling within their mind. It helps them in making well thought-out decisions in life. Watermelon promotes a forgiving nature which is often not seen in natives with a Scorpio ascendant.

Sagittarius: Mango

Those with a Sagittarius ascendant are very focussed and have a dedicated plan of action to realize their goals in life. They are adventurous by nature and love being outdoors. Such natives have a curious approach to understanding situations and deriving the best possible solutions without getting demoralized by hurdles & obstacles.

The fruit which connects the most with people having a Sgattiraius ascendant is Mango. It brings out the best in them and enhances their focus. Mango promotes enthusiasm in such people which helps them in advancing towards their goals. This fruit strengthens the resolve among natives with this ascendant sign and helps them maintain a dedicated approach in life when it comes to leading both personal as well as professional lives.

Capricorn: Pear

People with a Capricorn ascendant are often very humble and achieve success in life with their tolerant attitude. They understand the situation that they are in perfectly and do not shy away from helping others as well. They tend to get quite reserved sometimes and seek an introverted approach to life. They are good at articulating their opinions or conveying their message effectively to people.

Pear is the fruit which is associated with people with a Capricorn ascendant. This fruit makes the native tough and ready to face challenges in life. It facilitates the cultivation of a determination and a headstrong approach to life without compromising on ethics and morality. Pear brings out efficiency and rationality in their lives.

Aquarius: Banana

Those born with an Aquarius ascendant have a mind propelled by futuristic thinking. They love to contemplate on ideas that are very deep and require extensive or long-tem analysis. They like to spend time either alone or in the company of those with whom they find themselves connected with a common aim. They understand their aim and strive constantly to achieve that without losing enthusiasm.

Banana is the fruit which is associated with people having an Aquarius ascendant. This fruit promotes confidence within them when it comes to walking down the road to realizing their dreams in life. It soothes their mind and brings about a sense of dedication and discipline along with faith in what they believe in.

Pisces: Strawberry

People having a Pisces ascendant are intuitive and perceive situations very well. They are emotional and sensitive with a tendency to feel emotionally hurt for a long time in their life. However, they are creative and excel at making use of opportunities that come their way. They do at times, refuse to get out of their comfort zone but are good at finding the most convenient path to success in life.

The fruit that is associated with people having a Pisces ascendant is Strawberry. It brings out the creative best in such people. Strawberries promote a heightened sense of perception and intuition within these people. It also helps them in achieving a balanced and focussed state of mind. It promotes spiritual healing and thus brings stability in their lives.

So what are you waiting for?

Generously add the fruit that resonates the most with your ascendant sign in your dietary intake and increase the qualities within you that are promising for your overall growth & development.

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