How Much Money You Can Save As Per Your Zodiac Sign

You will be amazed to know that our saving habits depend upon the zodiac sign we are born under. Your zodiac sign may determine how good or bad you are at saving money. Some zodiac signs naturally can’t save money while others are so good at it. Astrology strives to predict you’re saving habits based on your zodiac sign. Read on to make out how good you are at saving that precious and hard earned money.


You are the most enthusiastic of the lot in any given task. Your zodiac sign is known to quickly decide without giving a thought to that activity. Same holds true when it comes to spending, although ruled by Mars, you have good analytical skills and always apply your mind to differentiate what is important and what is not. You keep a monthly record of your expenses and savings but your quick temperament and prompt actions make you spend a large chunk of money on something that attract you at first sight. You are a sport enthusiast and tend to spend on sports articles and shoes. You just can’t step back from spending once you have made up your mind.

You can reasonably improve your savings if you check your rigid and over excited mind regarding spontaneous expenditure. Mars is a karaka of loan in Astrology as well and if you don’t control your spending, you may land into undesirable situation of taking loans. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of liquid cash and wealth in Astrology. You guys have natural temperament of saving money. You are good at managing funds and love your wealth more than any other sign in the zodiac. You can be named as the most skillful zodiac sign in saving money. Though you love expensive and luxurious things but you always plan your expenditure and never spend mindlessly. Your good saving skills may promise you a fat bank balance. You may also think of saving money in the form of fixed deposits to get generous yields in the long run.

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Gemini is a dual sign and they are always in confusion whether to save or spend their hard earned money. You may try to hold cash tightly within your pocket but for some reason or the other you tend to take it out and spend as if it’s nothing but just a piece of paper. You apply dual approach in almost everything in life which never let you remain sure and confident about anything. Your tendency to show off also makes you spend fortunes on the things you actually don’t need. Teach your mind to step back from the expenses that you do just to show off and which are not needed at all.  Also avoid borrowings or loans until you are sure of paying it back.


Cancer natives are super happy when at home. You guys prefer sitting on your couch watching T.V. for long hours with your loving partner snuggled in a quilt. You know where to spend and where to not. You are always ready to spend on the comforts of your family and home. You are decent at spending money and save considerable amount easily. You are emotional yet calculative and believe in saving money for the rainy day. You spend for a sensible reason and perfectly know to create a balance between your spending and saving.


Leo, the royal sign of the zodiac bestows habit of luxuriant spending on its natives. You guys just wish to stand out in the crowd and enjoy luxuries in life. You are hungry for recognition and for that you don’t mind spending huge chunk of money. Your habit and desire to look different and superior to others burn a big hole in your pocket. You prefer buying expensive and branded things over the local ones. Your wardrobe is full of things you actually don’t need. It’s time to improve your habit which you can do by saving money in the form of gold or fixed deposits. Save it before it gets spent on something irrelevant again.


Virgo, the most careful zodiac sign with excellent management skills is the role model for those zodiac signs who wish to learn the art of saving money. Virgo natives are good at money management and know how to save money from daily chores to enjoy minor luxuries of life. They plan their budget in such a way that they enjoy life and still raise their bank balance. They show as if they don’t care for money but deep underneath they are constantly calculating and thinking about money. They exert an impression of cool dude regarding money matters on their friends but in reality their mind is continuously engaged in budgeting. You guys are good at saving money.

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Libra natives are relations oriented and for them their family and friends always take priority in their life. They are generous and big hearted and most of their spending occurs on their loved ones. They are the first ones to come forward in needy times of their friends and relatives. People tend to take the benefit of their over generous attitude and often approach them for their undue needs. Librans can’t save money for their extreme affection to their loved ones. They might not spend on their needs but are always ready for spending on others. Save your money in fixed deposits to regret your excessive helping nature later.


You guys are good at managing funds but in the short term. Since you are ruled by passionate and impatient Mars, you tend to spend on spontaneous purchases without realizing it’s actual need. You need to chalk out your long-term savings plans carefully as your mood swings often drain your valuable savings in the form of unnecessary expenditure. Avoid going to shopping when you are stressed and over enthusiastic as it may motivate you to make impulsive purchases.


You guys are travelers and love to explore new cultures and environments. You as the free-spirited sign of the zodiac don’t mind spending on traveling and meeting people. You always have great time in social get together and parties as for you experience is more precious than money. You are good at saving money too but can’t resist your urge to experience something exciting. You guys should also opt for fixed deposits to save your hard earned money.


This is the best zodiac sign when it comes to save money. They work hard to earn a lot of   money to be saved later. Their rising bank savings lifts their moods. At times they act as misers and even overlook their daily needs for fear of expenditures. They are born savers and avoid excessive spending in dining and outings. Capricorns need to understand that life comes once and we should enjoy it to the fullest.

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Aquarius natives are known for their moderate spending habits. However, they love out of the box things and ideas but always keep a strict watch on their spending to not to go overboard with their fanatic ideas. They would save and don’t mind spending in something that comes as an investment like those in historic artifacts or vintage articles. They are decent in spending and saving and thus needs no advice.


Pisceans are not excellent savers and are the day dreamers. They are always busy with the things that actually don’t exist in the present moment. They engage their minds for several hours in making budget of the money they actually don’t have. They love fancy things and don’t mind spending on something which just clicks to their fantasies but don’t have any use in practical life. They need to become practical and improve their habit of savings.

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