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Importance of Kundli Matching before marriage

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Kundli matching

Since ancient ages, it is a common Indian tradition to match horoscopes or kundli of the boy and girl aspiring to get married. It is a traditional belief that Kundli Matching is very important for a prosperous and happy married life. Kundli matching has always been a prerequisite part of Hindu marriages since years. All customs and traditions have evolved with the passage of time. But the trend of horoscope matching before fixing any marriage has remained unchanged.

The prominence of arranged marriages in the Indian culture has made this matching of horoscopes to gain an important place. It decides whether the couple will lead a happy married life or not. The logic behind this matching has always been to know the compatibility between two individuals.

In arranged marriages, the two individuals hardly spend sufficient time together to know about each other properly. In marriage two individuals have to be committed to each other for their whole life. So, it is important to know how compatible they both are for each other.

Every person has different temperament and it is really important that two share the same or at least some common personality traits to lead a comfortable married life. The couple may not have seen or known each other before the marriage, but matching their kundlis can ensure a blissful married life to them. 

Kundli Matching by name and date of birth of prospective bride and groom will indicate how stars will affect their marriage and also about the remedial measures that they may require to take to ensure a happy marriage.

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Trust only the best Astrologer

The utmost importance should be given while choosing an astrologer for horoscope matching. Talk to the best astrologer to get the precise information with high accuracy of the predictions so made. A report made in hustle bustle with low accuracy may prove troublesome in the future. 

What exactly is Kundli Matching?

As per Hindu traditions, marriage is considered a sacred union of two souls who are tied in an auspicious bond of marriage through vedic rituals and mantras. This union is believed to last forever but again in modern times, it can only be confirmed if we find the right mate. Kundli matching ensures that we find such right mate to enjoy the marital bliss in our life.

A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment we were born into this world. It depicts the placements of the stars and planets in the form of natal or birth chart. The astrologers follow the ‘Gunn Milan method,’ also known as the ‘Ashthakoota method’ to check the compatibility between two individuals. 

In this method, the astrologers make the calculations based on janam nakshatra and the placement of the Moon in the charts of the couple.

This method puts emphasis on eight kootas that takes care of eight different aspects of a marriage. In the method, score is assigned to each koota based on specific criterion and at the end total is made.

Based on the points obtained by the match, the success of their marriage is predicted. It is believed that of the 36 Gunnas, at least 18 needs to be matched for a successful marriage.  If 18 or more points match, it makes for a good match. A score below 18 is not approved by the astrologers.

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What if one doesn’t opt for kundli matching?

If one completely shuns away kundli matching then there are 50-50 chances that you may or may not have a happy married life. In that case, it will be your sheer luck if you get a compatible partner who can ensure harmony and peace in relations. If in case you got an incompatible partner which is also has a possibility of 50% then you may land into undesirable and disturbed relationship. 

Not just compatibility but when two individuals live together even the stars in their respective janam kundli effect each other in a great manner. Your prosperity in future, career growth, children and property amongst many others depend upon your mutual stars. Thus, making it all the more important to have a life partner that complements your stars and both of you may live a blissful life. 

A Perfect match ensures professional growth as well

In astrology, the seventh house which is the house of your spouse is also the house of all kinds of partnerships be it life partnership or a business partnership. It also denotes your day to day business or profession. So, in a sense if you have got a compatible partner and are reaping good results of the seventh house then the same results will be seen in your business partnerships as well. Means you will share harmony in your business and profession as well. If there is a lack of compatibility then your business will be the most affected area. You may suffer huge losses as well. You are likely to experience arguments for petty issues. Your sexual life will be ruined completely.

Significance of Kundli matching for love marriages

With the changing world, the prominence of arranged marriages is reducing and many couples prefer love marriages over them. We witness increasing cases of love marriages these days. The advantage in a love marriage is that the couple has known each other for a long time. They understand the strengths and flaws of each other completely. They already know how compatible they are for each other. They are well acquainted with their preferences and expectations.

So, what’s the need for horoscope matching in that case?

Though love is the main pillar of a successful marriage, many other important criteria need to be fulfilled too. 
Kundli matching tries to find out the compatibility but the same is not required for a love marriage as that has already been known to both of them.

Despite of shaking faith of modern generations into astrology, Kundli matching has tested times and proved itself essential regardless of the type of a marriage.

Kundli Milan could help any marriage with accurate information about their marital bliss. Apart from the abovementioned aspects, it also makes predictions about the prosperity, possibilities of children, and the longevity of the individuals. The predictions might include details regarding the possibility of divorce, extra marital affairs as well as whether the planets of the life partner will bring positive or negative results in their life and career. The time has certainly transformed but whenever we are in trouble we seek to take advice of our elders as we completely rely on their wisdom and experience. Keeping that in mind, utilizing the ancient knowledge of astrology and resorting to the practice of Kundli matching is a boon for your marriage.

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