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Know about your most beneficial period in life with Best Astrology Software

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Astrology Software

Humans always get excited to know about the future in advance and this is the reason behind the immense popularity of Astrology worldwide. The planetary positions and movements influence our lives to a great extent and almost every life event is related to these celestial bodies. The ancient science of Astrology has made its unquestionable presence since ages and still continues to fascinate the modern world. LeoStar is the most trustworthy and comprehensive software in Vedic astrology that gives detailed information of astrological facts. It performs varied complex astrological calculations with utmost accuracy.

Vedic Astrology and its importance

Vedic astrology is the ancient science of tracking and recording celestial movements including all planets and nakshatras and also describes their influence on normal human lives. Astrology is an inseparable part of Hindu philosophy which talks about the involvement of planets in our lives based on our karmas. Astrology is called the eye of Vedas which means you may foresee the future with the help of ancient wisdom of jyotish. Vedic astrology is different from the western astrology as they put more emphasis on transits and hardly take into account the dasha system. 

Why LeoStar is the best astrology software?

LeoStar is the most accurate and widely trusted astrology software used by the astrologers. It may perform complex astrological calculations with utmost accuracy. It includes several applications which are easy to use and help a lot in making accurate predictions. The astrologers can make predictions regarding different aspects of life like education, career, marriage, purchase of property, love, health and foreign settlement etc. 

One may use this kundli prediction free online software to cast a free birth chart or free horoscope through providing basic birth details. The software also offers demo tutorials for beginners to understand the core functions of the software. The uniqueness of the LeoStar software lies in facilitating vast astrological information under various heads to ensure accurate predictions. It also includes a graphical interface that makes it easier to customize and print reports or charts.

Important Features of LeoStar Vedic Astrology Software

  • LeoStar and LeoStar-I, both are not ordinary astrology software and are the results of extensive research over 40 years. Future point has developed the software to perform the most complex calculations in the most accurate and quickest possible way. Not just this but LeoTouch series which is specifically related to android mobiles and tablets has made an impressive mark in the field of astrology. 
  • It amalgamates traditional methods of predictions using position of stars and nakshatras with modern technology. 
  • The calculations are 100 % accurate with precise consideration of longitudes and latitudes which further facilitate the creation of birth charts for individuals living in any corner of the world. 
  • Its extensive applications take detailed astrological information into account that gives accurate calculations and predictions.
  • User friendly approach
  • Astrological calculations of Leostar include – Teva-Lagna Charts, Sun Charts, Moon Chart, 16 Varga Charts, Planet Degrees/House, Avakhada, Ghatchakra, Tara Chakra, Panchang & Calendar.
  • Jyotish Software Leostar can cast all types of Vedic charts like Lagna, Chalit, Bhava cusp and Shadvarga (6 divisional charts) Saptavarga (7 divisional charts), Shodash Vargas (16 divisional charts).
  • Correct estimation of bhav bala and grah bala
  • Sarvashtak and bhinnashtak vargas
  • Isht phal and kasht phal
  • Accurate analysis of  Dasha-Vimshottari, Shodashottari, Ashtottari, Yogini, Char & Kaalchakra Dasha upto 5 levels.
  • Readings of dasha and planets
  • Facility of horoscope matching (Kundli Milan) on the basis of Ashtakoota Guna Matching
  • Manglik dosha detection and rectification
  • Varshphal
  • Predictions using various saham
  • Tajik system
  • All types of astrology tables required by astrologers are incorporated in Leostar.
  • Lal kitab kundli and remedies
  • Multiple languages
  • 21 system of Horary to get accurate and instant solutions to any type of query
  • Detailed printing can be received on all size stationery.
  • Longitudes/Latitudes- Coordinate database of over 20000 cities.
  • You may select Indian calendar & Ghatipal for birth detail entry.
  • Gives name alphabet.
  • Gem selection; Gem wearing, Mantras, Donation, Sade-Sati, Manglik Vichar & Kaal Sarp Yoga.
  • General astrological remedies
  • Built-in Atlas facilitates filling longitudes and latitudes and even daylight savings
  • Customizable Worksheets
  • Several kinds of life reports

Pricing of LeoStar astrology software:

Leostar Home (Bilingual) – ₹ 5999

Leostar Standard (Bilingual) – ₹ 10799

Leostar Lal Kitab (Bilingual) – ₹10799

Leostar Numerology (Bilingual) – ₹10799

Leostar KP-Horary (Bilingual) – ₹10799

Leostar Muhurat (Bilingual) – ₹10799

Leostar Panchang (Bilingual) – ₹10799

Leostar Plus (Bilingual) – ₹15299

Leostar Professional (Bilingual) – ₹23999

Leostar Professional (Multi Lingual) – ₹28799

Leostar Expert (Bilingual) – ₹39999

Leostar Expert (Multi Lingual) – ₹47999

Leo Forecast (English) – ₹87499

Why is LeoStar a choice of every astrologer?

The extensive list of features that LeoStar holds makes it a preferable choice of every astrologer across the world. LeoStar comes in varied versions to suit different requirements of the users. It is a product of Future point, the leading name in occult field which further establishes the authenticity and excellence of this software.

  • LeoStar updates itself from time to time through rigorous developments so as to provide accurate results for health, Dasha analysis, Varshaphal, marriage compatibility and much more.
  • The software offers robust technical support and also features many books on astrology, vastu, numerology and palmistry.
  • LeoStar astrology software has an interactive graphical interface that offers free tutorials for beginners and also provides insights into ancient texts.
  • LeoStar astrology software has several charts and printouts that can be customized to suit the requirements. This includes changes in the background, content and size. So, it is regarded by many astrologers as the best vedic astrology software.
  • The speed at which the software works is matchless and can’t be compared to any software in the market. The users may get almost instant results based on planetary positions.
  • It imbibes so much of astrological information that the astrologers even don’t need to look anywhere but get the whole required information in this software only. The comprehensive approach of LeoStar makes it the No. 1 astrology software around the world.

LeoStar Kundli Free Prediction Software: Summary

Gaining information about future events is always fascinating. The most comprehensive software like LeoStar makes it possible to get the most accurate information in a minimum span of time. It provides vast astrological data which certainly comes up with 100% accurate results regarding different aspects of life. It is useful for beginners and masters in astrology alike! 

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