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Kundli Matching Is Necessary for a happy Marriage

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Kundli Matching

Marriage is the most important event in one’s life. You choose a soul mate for yourself with whom you spend the rest of your life. Your spouse becomes the most important person in your life. You start living outside your family and start a family of your own. In India till date a few people have an arranged marriage where parents make you meet whereas a few people date someone and have a love marriage. As marriage is a life long decision, one should meet an astrologer and get horoscope matching done before getting into a formal relationship. 

Now many critics may argue that there are couples whose Kundli matching gives a good score and they end up getting a divorce while some get low score and live happily together. The reason is that Kundli matching is not just the Guna matching but much more than that. The traditional system of Guna matching is very ancient and no longer in use. Earlier it was  taken into consideration that the females are to be dominated and had no part to play in earning or decision making. So in the matching only those aspects get more points where the male is higher than the female. Now a days both men and women are equal so most of these matching techniques are obsolete. Also they only consider the nakshatra of moon and nothing else.

If you get your online horoscope checked for marriage by a good astrologer, you will know that there are many points that need to be analysed. There’s a main point that if you notice any Kundli then the lord of the first house which represents the native and the lord of the seventh house which represents the spouse are always enemy planets. This shows that spouses are usually different natured but have to adjust and compromise to live with each other. The points to look for in horoscope matching of two individuals are – 

  1. 7th house – the seventh house is the house of marriage. A thorough analysis of the 7th house needs to be done. The lord of this house should be well placed & aspected by benefics. The house should also be associated by benefics. Then one can say this person has marriage happiness. 
  2. 1st house – this is the native himself or herself. You should be a good person first and then you can become a good husband or wife. So the lagna should be strong and free of malefics influence to have a good married life. 
  3. 2nd house – the second house is the house of kutumb. Also it is house of vani so if you speak harshly then you may not have a happy marriage. Finances also make a lot of difference in a married life. If you have good money then your spouse is happy. For happiness one does need comfort and money. So this house should be associated by benefics to have a good marriage. 
  4. 4th house – this is the house of domestic comforts. If this house and it’s lord is strong then the person is satisfied with what they have. Also domestic peace is there. If there’s malefic influence on the 4th house then it can lead to problems in the marriage. It also can signify interference from in laws if this house is afflicted. 
  5. 8th house – this is a very important house for analysing marriage. This is the spouse wealth, marak as well as vani sthan. Strength of a marital bond is also seen by this house. Now a days a big problem among couples is extra marital affairs. We can study extra marital affairs from the 8th house. If there are malefics placed here then your spouse can have extra relationships. So a thorough analysis of the 8th house should be done before approving any Kundli for marriage. 
  6. 12th house – this is the house of loss of spouse. Also casual sex. So this house should be analysed well before marriage. 

As per Indian horoscope these houses should be studied in detail of the boy as well as girl and then one can say if they will have a happy marriage or not. Then the chances of divorce are also less. Many astrologers also believe that if Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house then that marriage never breaks. So it’s a good thing to check in a Kundli. Apart from this a detailed analysis of the D-9 chart should be done to check marital happiness. The natal chart 7th house lord’s placement in the D-9 chart and D-9 chart’s 7th house placement in the natal chart is very important to check marriage happiness. 

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