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Learn which Yogas in Kundli indicate the possibility of divorce through astrology

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Kundli analysis through Jyotish Shastra provides information about various aspects of a person’s life, including marriage, children, wealth, and divorce. Various Yogas such as Marriage Yoga, Childbirth Yoga, Wealth Yoga, and Divorce Yoga are included in Kundli analysis. If a person’s Kundli indicates the presence of Divorce Yoga, the likelihood of the person getting divorced increases. However, it cannot be said that the person will definitely get a divorce. Additionally, other results and predictions in the Kundli should also be considered.

If a person has Divorce Yoga in their Kundli, they should exercise extreme caution at that time. They can work to strengthen their relationships by analyzing the compatibility between the partners based on their respective qualities. In case of Divorce Yoga in Kundli, the person should also be emotionally and mentally cautious during the time of marriage. They need to be ready to engage in conversation with their partner and address any issues they may have. Additionally, they can also work to strengthen their relationships through harmony, understanding, and trust. To learn more about astrology, one can explore Jyotish Shastra.

In addition, one should devote time to maintaining their relationships. By spending quality time together and fostering a positive ambiance, they can enhance their relationship. This can make their relationships stronger. Additionally, the native should make an effort to understand their partner’s emotions and needs. Acquiring knowledge about astrology can be beneficial in comprehending various aspects of an individual’s personality and conduct.

How can astrology help prevent divorce?

In addition to maintaining good relationships, a person’s good deeds are also very important. By communicating properly with their partner, showing understanding, patience, and giving time, a person can maintain their relationships. If divorce is indicated in someone’s horoscope, then the individual should work to bring positive changes into their life. They can reduce any negative effects that are appearing in their horoscope through their good deeds and righteous actions.

According to astrology, there can be many reasons for divorce yoga in a person’s horoscope – the influence of malefic planets, doshas, etc. When divorce yoga is present in a person’s horoscope, an astrologer informs the individual and suggests remedies to prevent divorce. These remedies may include selecting an auspicious time for marriage, fasting, mantra chanting, charity, etc.

In addition, astrologers can also help individuals after a divorce. They can provide remedies for the next marriage, which can help them find the right partner. In this way, divorce holds an important place in astrology, and with its help, a person can get rid of separation in their life.

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Planets in the horoscope that create yoga for divorce

In astrology, there are some planets in the horoscope that are considered important for marriage and divorce. These planets are:

Saturn: Saturn is considered the significator of divorce. If Saturn is weak, then there may be problems in the native’s marriage and there can be a possibility of divorce.

Mars: Mars is considered important in marriage. If Mars is placed in the enemy house, then the native may have to face the Manglik Dosha. Due to Manglik Dosha, there can be problems in marriage and the native may face divorce.

Rahu-Ketu: When there is a combination of Rahu-Ketu in the horoscope, there can also be a possibility of divorce. This combination is called Kaal Sarp Yoga.

Marriage Place: Marriage muhurat and the place of marriage also affect the native’s marriage and divorce. If the position of favorable planets is not in accordance with the horoscope at the marriage place, then there can be a possibility of divorce in the native’s horoscope.

The combination of planets in a Kundali that can lead to divorce

In astrology, the combinations of planets that can lead to divorce are dependent on the position of several planets and houses in a Kundali. Some examples of such combinations in a Kundali that are associated with divorce are as follows:

  • When Saturn and Rahu are together in a Kundali, it creates the possibility for divorce. This conjunction is strong during the time of marriage and during Rahu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha.
  • The seventh house represents marriage and relationships. If there is any flaw in the seventh house, it can cause the possibility of divorce.
  • In the case of Kalasarpa Dosha, Rahu and Ketu gather all the planets around them, causing difficulty in relationships and creating a fear of divorce.
  • If Mars is in the enemy house in a Kundali, it creates a Manglik Dosha. This flaw can be strong during the time of marriage and can cause the possibility of divorce.
  • If a person has Saturn Sadhesati in their Kundali, they may face difficulty in relationships. During this time, the individual needs to be cautious to avoid problems like divorce.
  • The positions of planets during specific periods, called Dasha, are also important in analyzing the possibility of divorce. Analyzing these Dasha periods can help identify which planets may be causing issues and what actions the individual can take to solve their problems.

Factors beyond marital issues that can contribute to divorce

In a person’s life, there can be various reasons for divorce according to astrology. Outlined below are some of the primary causes:

  1. Effects of Malefic Planets: Due to the effects of malefic planets, the possibility of divorce of the native is increased. For example, the presence of Kaal Sarp Yoga, Mangal Dosha, and the effects of Saturn’s Dosha can cause divorce.
  2. Mismatched qualities: In astrology, it is essential to match the qualities of two individuals before marriage by analyzing their horoscopes. If there is any obstacle in this match, it can lead to a divorce.
  3. Relationship issues: Divorce can also occur due to obstacles in relationships after marriage. For example, a lack of compatibility or impossible situations can lead to separation.
  • Distrust and dissatisfaction: Distrust and dissatisfaction can also be a cause of divorce in marital relationships. If there is dissatisfaction between husband and wife, it can be a reason for the relationship to break down. It is also called Doshamukhi in astrology.
  • Weak planetary positions: In astrology, it is believed that if a planet is weak in the horoscope, its impact can be seen in the areas related to that planet. For example, if the Saturn planet is weak, there may be a struggle in the person’s work field, which can lead to a break in the relationship.
  • Inauspicious Yoga: In astrology, there are some yogas that can lead to divorce. For example, Kaal Sarp Yoga or Mangal Dosha are inauspicious yogas in the horoscope that can lead to separation.

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Analysis of Kundali is necessary during marriage in astrology.

The following houses in the Kundali must be analyzed during marriage in astrology:

  • Partnership House: This house represents a person’s relationships, their life with their partner or spouse, and all aspects of their married life. When this house is favorable, it indicates a peaceful and satisfying married life. However, if the house is unfavorable, the native may experience troubles in their relationships.
  • Ascendant House: This is the most important house in the horoscope, which reveals information about a person’s individuality, strength, vitality, health, financial status, and ideal life partner. The analysis of this house is crucial during the time of marriage.
  • Seventh House: This house reveals information about the marital relationship and partner. The analysis of this house is important during the time of marriage.
  • Twelfth House: This house provides information about children and married life. The analysis of this house is important during the time of marriage.
  • Second House: This house reveals information about a person’s financial status and wealth.

Convert content in English “Jyotish Remedies to Avoid Divorce

  • Astrology suggests certain remedies that can aid in preventing divorce.. Here are some remedies mentioned:
  • After marriage, one should live according to the principles of religion. Additionally, one should always support their spouse and maintain trust in their relationship.
  • To avoid divorce, one can perform a remedy before sleeping at night. Take a ring made of black Gomti chakra and silver and offer it to a temple. This remedy eliminates the fear of divorce from the mind.
  • To avoid financial problems, offer red flowers in a temple on Fridays.
  • To correct the position of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope, one can recite Lord Hanuman’s mantra daily.
  • Matching horoscopes is an important remedy for starting marital relationships. By matching horoscopes, the qualities of the boy and girl are evaluated, and if the horoscope matching is good, the marital relationship becomes more stable.
  • Reciting mantras helps to remove obstacles in relationships with one’s spouse. Reciting any mantra for at least 10 minutes daily can help married couples avoid divorce.

Using a remedy device is a good way to strengthen marital relationships. These devices are kept at the home’s puja place, and regular worship of the device is done. By reciting the mantras given in the remedy device, the marital relationship becomes stronger.

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