Life Predictions by Date of Birth: Decode Your Fate

Astrology can provide valuable insights into various aspects of your life, such as marriage, career, education, love, court cases, property, foreign settlements, etc. Your birth chart contains all the important details about your life, so whatever question you may have, the answer is likely hidden within it. Let’s look at your birth chart and see what it can reveal.

Life prediction in astrology

Humans remain curious about future and astrology can quench this thirst for knowing the future! Every person has a unique birth chart that shows the positions of planets as per their past karmas. Depending on which houses, signs, and nakshatras the planets are placed in the horoscope, the outcomes will vary for each person. Astrology can be used to answer life questions such as health and education. By examining the kundli, one can identify the Kundli yogas and doshas that reveal the potential threats and blessings in someone’s life. The Kundli analysis is a way to predict the future by evaluating the planetary placements.

How do life predictions work?

Astrology is a vast study that explains the influence of planets on human life. It revolves around the birth chart – a map of the sky at the moment of an individual’s birth – divided into twelve houses. Each of the twelve houses represents a different area of life, such as career, relationships, health, etc. There are twelve zodiac signs and nine planets, each with unique meanings and characteristics. Astrology aims to understand how these astrological factors shape a person’s life and destiny. 

Description: 12 Houses in astrology

The twelve Houses in astrology each represent different aspects of life. Here is a brief overview of what each house represents:

  • First House (Ascendant): This house represents you as an individual, your personality, your physical body, and how you appear to others.
  • Second House: This house deals with money, possessions, values, and self-worth.
  • Third House: This house represents communication, siblings, short trips, and learning.
  • Fourth House: This house represents home, family, domestic happiness, mother, vehicles, land and property.
  • Fifth House: This house relates to creativity, children, romance, and entertainment.
  • Sixth House: This house shows health, job, daily routine, service, and responsibilities.
  • Seventh House: This house represents partnerships, marriage, and close relationships.
  • Eighth House: This house shows sudden happenings, transformation, inheritance, shared resources, and the occult.
  • Ninth House: This house shows long travel, higher education, father, beliefs, religion and philosophy.
  • Tenth House: This house denotes career, reputation, public image, power and ambitions.
  • Eleventh House: This house describes social connections, desire fulfilment and elder siblings.
  • Twelfth House: This house shows Moksha, the subconscious, hidden enemies, isolation, losses, expenses and spirituality.

Based on the planetary placements an individual gets good or bad results of tese houses. Suppose a person has an afflicted fourth house. In that case, there will be a lack of domestic happiness, and the person can have differences with the mother. There will be a problem due to house and vehicles. So, similarly, we can determine whether we will get happiness from a specific house. 

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Life predictions in the birth chart

Career: Astrology can help you understand your career prospects, whether you’re better suited for a job or business, and your chances of success or failure. It can also predict both favourable and unfavourable times for your career, such as job loss, transfer, promotion, or changing jobs. By utilizing astrology, you can make important decisions related to your career with more confidence and clarity.

Marriage: Astrology can provide insight into various aspects of married life, including personality traits, compatibility with a spouse, likelihood of happiness or challenges, possibility of foreign settlement and financial prospects post-marriage. It can also indicate the potential for separation or divorce.

Property: Astrology can help with property-related matters, such as deciding when and where to buy or sell, as well as resolving disputes.

Education: Gain insight into your academic pursuits, including subject selection, academic performance, studying abroad, and higher education opportunities.   

Court case: Get information about the court case and litigation, including timing of filing, bail, the likelihood of winning, opposition party details, and support from the judge and lawyer.

Health: Learn about your potential health issues, chronic diseases, risks to your health, chances of hospitalization and surgery, and suitable treatment.

Loans and Debts: Take and repay the loan, what kind of loans are available, what kind of security the bank requires, and the difficulties you may face in securing a loan on your property.

Children: Childbirthabortion, the timing of childbirth, second child yoga, IVF, infertility, lack of children, and parenthood.

By using astrology, you can gain valuable insights into your life, enabling you to make the most of favourable times and avoid unfavourable periods. This helps you stay aware of the future and take timely action.

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