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Love or Arrange Marriage? Clear your Confusions Now!

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Arrange Marriage

Marriage is a strong and everlasting bond that partners share to live a life together because everyone desires to be with someone and not to live alone. There are two ways one can get married. 

Love and arrange! Love marriage is when you choose your partner and arrange is when family and relatives choose your partner. Sometimes not knowing someone before marriage creates challenges and partners give up on each other at times and that’s where love marriage seems better and more reliable. 

But there is always a chance of questioning ourselves will it be a successful love marriage? Will I be happy afterward? Many insecurities take over. Thankfully, astrology can give you answers. Not 100% accurate but worth a try.


Unlike in old times, gender equality is much greater nowadays. people learn together, work together, and hang out together quite often. Which in turn makes it easier to have an attraction and infatuation toward the opposite gender. 

Boys and girls can reach out to one another quickly and building relationships take no time. Love and friendships are a child’s play now, giving rise to several love marriage in society. Initial attraction and quick decisions make a love marriage happen.

Knowing each other better is an additional advantage for partners to move forward in the relationship. Marriages require a lot of commitment, loyalty, and understanding. Which makes marriages stressful and often leads to the question, of whether love marriage or arrange marriage?

Several questions rises when it comes to marriage. Should it be love or arranged? Should I enquire before preceding? Will it be okay to live together? Will I be able to handle the commitment? Will my marriage last longer?

Well, answers to all these questions can be answered with astrology. Love marriage astrologers help you with the matching of horoscopes and prepare you in advance for the consequences you can face in marriage. Based on planets and horoscopes, astrologers can tell you if you will be successful in your marriage.


The birth chart of an individual having a date, time, and place of birth including the position of the planets tells you about the success rate of any relationship. The 5th house is the love and marriage house.

VENUS is the most important planet when it comes to relationships. Considered a Goddess of love, money, beauty, and pleasures; Venus’s position in the chart represents, whether it would be a successful marriage or not. Your relationship revolves around the planet, Venus. If it’s a ruling one in your horoscope then you will find abundance in love, beauty, strong relationships, pleasure, etc.

On the other hand, if Venus is weak and placed in houses 6,8 and 12 then a relationship can have problems. Malefic affliction and retrograde position also show the signs of a failed relationship. most probably the separation from the partner.

MOON is the brain controller. It controls your emotions and creative side. Healthy relationships will flourish if the moon and Venus are in a good position. Also, if Rahu influences the moon, the native will be inclined to the path of love and romance.

Love, family, career everything needs passion and courage to grow. MARS drives passion into an individual to achieve desired goals in life. A strong-headed and courageous person has Mars as a ruling planet that helps the native to get the love of his/her life.

Sun is another planet that tells you about relationships. If a female, has it in the 7th house, then there is a higher chance of separation.


  • 5th and 11th houses should be mutually related.
  • 7th house must be influenced by the 5th and 4th houses.
  • 3rd and 6th houses must be influenced by the 7th house.
  • 6th and 9th houses must be influenced by Mars.
  • 7th house with weak moon influenced by 8th house.
  • Sun in the 7th House with Rahu.


When in doubt about the success of the relationship or the compatibility with the partner to ensure a healthy and happy future, one must consider matching horoscopes. This is done by matching the birth dates of the partners. Usually, the gan is taken into consideration and the formality of matching the horoscopes is done. 

But there are other things too that should be taken care of. Calculating all 36 points is important for a perfect match. Whether love or arranged marriage, there is no harm in matching kundalis. 

I tonly tells you the possible problems natives can have and find solutions before it’s too late. Astrologers nowadays are counsellors who advise you for a healthy relationship rather than giving you remedies that are endless and the modern generation feels shy following such remedies at times. So, it’s a scoreboard that gives you the pros and cons of the upcoming future.

One should marry only after knowing the compatibility and not out of emotions or family pressure. Fascination and infatuation fade, anything that’s short-term should not be the deciding factor in life’s major decisions. It is advisable to check for the planetary combinations in birth charts.


One can also check for possible results of a love marriage with a marriage calculator available on the internet.  Just fill in your details and the calculator will automatically give you a whole picture and combinations required for a happy marriage. 

It also tells you about the consequences that the native might face in a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Though it’s not 100% accurate, but you will definitely get an idea of your marital life ahead.


However, for a marriage to last forever it takes partners to make it work. Both the partners should not take each other for granted when there are higher responsibilities. 

Forgiving and forgetting each other’s mistakes by keeping patience during arguments is the ultimate key to a successful marriage. Both should be fully committed to each other. Any failure will result in a broken relationship.

Everything has to be mutual. Responsibilities, respect, love, transparency, and of course intention of making a marriage work. Everything else will be unnecessary and insignificant.

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