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Pitra Dosh 2021 – Wrath of Forefathers or Karmic Debt

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Pitra Dosh 2021

Pitra Dosh 2021: Whenever a soul departs from this world, we always pray for that soul to rest in peace. Why do we actually wish or pray this to God? The answer simply indicates that not necessarily all souls rest in peace. The people who are aware of even very less quantum of mythology know the exaggeration of heaven, nether world and in between these two worlds, our very own Earth where every living being is made responsible for the karmas he/she did and the fruits he/she reaps. 

As per ancient scriptures, these karmic debts as accumulated through this present life and the past lives are responsible for our next births or circumstances we have to face through those coming births. Every soul carries the baggage of its karmic debts and so is true about our forefathers.  

There is a misconception that when forefathers or pitra curse us the phenomenon is called Pitra Dosh. The concept of Pitra Dosh has been ingrained in our Hindu traditional system since ages and even ancient seers and texts have acknowledged it. 

Pitra Dosh is actually a karmic debt of the ancestors. It can be identified in the through malefic planetary combinations and is to be paid by the native with Pitra dosha in his Kundli. In simple terms, Pitra dosh is formed in a person’s birth chart, when his/her ancestors have committed some sin or mistake. 

As it is said in Hindu mythology that a child has to pay what his father commits. Same goes true here and the successors are held accountable for the sins or bad deeds of their forefathers by going through various sufferings.

Presence of Pitra Dosha in one’s natal chart brings about many inevitable and sudden hardships in the native’s life. It turns the life upside down and the factor of suddenness always remains in one’s life. It may also cause various diseases or accidents curtailing longevity span of the native. The native lacks mental peace, sound decisiveness and unstable financial status.

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What astrology says about the Pitra Dosh?

Pitra Dosh or Pitru Dosh, according to Vedic astrology, is a birth defect that troubles the native in later part of his life. However, it keeps on making its presence feel at different points of life but the severe results are obtained in the later part of life. Pitra Dosh occurs due to the malefic placement of the planets in the chart and for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Bad deeds or sins of our ancestors/children in previous births, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Unfulfilled desires at the time of death
  • Sudden and unnatural death of any relative ancestors in young age, Pitra Dosha occurs if any ancestors up to the 7th generation on the father’s side and up to the 4th generation on the mother’s side have expired at an early age or have had an unnatural death.

Planetary positions forming Pitra Dosha

Certain malefic planetary positions form different types of Pitra Dosh or Pithru Dosham. Planets/Houses that signify Pitra Dosh are as follows:

SUN- Signifies father/fatherly figures and ancestors

 MOON- Signifies Mother and Mind

SATURN- Signifies debts, sin and obstacles in life 

9th HOUSE- Signifies past life, forefathers and

 2nd HOUSE- Signifies heritage and immediate family 

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Planetary combinations responsible for Pitra dosh 

A Kundli is considered to be affected by Pitra dosh if, 

  • In the horoscope, the 9th house or its lord is either in conjunction with or is aspected by Rahu or Ketu. 
  • If Sun and/or Jupiter conjunct with or are aspected by Rahu or Ketu, it gives the effect of Pitra dosh to some extent. 
  • Sun and Rahu or Sun and Saturn in the first, second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth house of the horoscope. 
  • Rahu is in the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant is in sixth, eighth or twelfth house then also Pitra Dosha is formed in the horoscope. The affliction of the planets by the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house cause severe accidents, injuries, eyesight problems and debts.

The myth involved with it

It is said that in the month of Pitripaksh, Yama devta- lord of death grants freedom to all the souls to visit their own people & accept the offerings from them to feel satisfied. This is the reason why so many people offer sharadh to their ancestors in this month.

Effects of Pitra Dosh have been enumerated below:

  • There will be birth of no male child in the family to carry forward the lineage or to the extreme no child is born in the family.
  • Frequent abortions of the females in the family may occur.
  • Lack of desire to get married in the children of the family or even if they want but despite of many efforts no suitable match is found for them.
  • Lack of interest in doing any work to earn livelihood even though they are decently qualified.
  • Children born in these families may have physical or mental disabilities or even lack mental soundness.
  • Health and hygiene-related troubles at home despite making many efforts to rectify the same.
  • These families never feel at peace and there always remain a factor of scarcity around them. They hardly succeed in their endeavours.
  • The native with Pitra dosh in his kundli has to face severe troubles in the matter of progeny. Even if children are born, they suffer from physical or mental illness.
  • There is a problem in getting married. Despite of all their efforts, they are unable to get married at the right time due to Pitra Dosh.
  • Diseases in the family cause financial drainage with hardly any money left for recreation.
  • Lack of harmony between the husband and wife and they may have disagreements on petty issues.
  • Natives remain under debts constantly and despite all their efforts, they find it difficult to settle the debts. No financial growth is witnessed and they are always surrounded with poverty and inadequacy. 
  • If a family is suffering from Pitra Dosh then any of the member in the family is likely to see a snake in his/her dreams or the ancestor asking for food or clothes.
  • The native loses respect in the society or to the worse he may land in prison for a long sentence.
  • Severe Pitra Dosh in a native’s Kundli might bring unnatural death like suicides/accidents/murder and/or constant losses of members in a mysterious manner.

यह भी पढ़ें: ज्योतिष संवारे आपका भाग्य, जाने भाग्य वर्ष और भाग्योदय के उपाय

Causes of Pitra Dosh/Pithru Dosham

Nobody can get away with the consequences of pitra dosha without facing equivalent situations and troubles that they or their ancestors had inflicted on others.

  • Treating someone inhumanely or torturing or abusing any kind of living creature on the earth either directly or indirectly.
  • Stealing the wealth of others or what doesn’t belong to you. 
  • Applying force to confiscate the wealth of others
  • Deceiving others through manipulation using unethical or unlawful manner.
  • Accumulation of wealth by wrong means or by misusing their abilities and powers.
  • Abusing any living creature on earth either physically, mentally or sexually.
  • Giving false statements or speaking ill of others without any verified information.
  • Getting happy at your cruel deeds and praising them in front of people. 

Remedies of Pitra Dosh/Pithru Dosham

  • One should feed the Brahmins and make donations to them.
  • One may donate money and red clothes to a pandit and also perform Pitru Tarpan in shraadh.
  • As a remedy for this dosh, the native should arrange for Pitra Dosh Nivaran puja which comprises Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan.
  • The shraadh should be performed with utmost sincerity and faith while remembering and paying respect to their forefathers.
  • Natives should offer water to his pitras for 15 days during the shradh or on the tithi of their death.
  • Apart from this, offering water to Banyan tree and lord Shiva daily further eradicates the negative effects of Pitra Dosh in the Kundli.
  • Simple solutions like Water a Banyan Tree regularly, Feed Brahmins on Amavasya and also help poor and needy on this day as per your convenience, respect your parents and old people, Worship Lord Vishnu, especially the form of Sri Ram etc. also helps in minimizing the ill effects of Pitra dosha.

Vedic remedies, donations and Pitra dosha shanti puja are some of the precise methods to expect relief from this dosha. Future Point provides the facility of the most trusted and genuine way of performing various pujas including Pitra Dosha Shanti Puja wherein required traditional rituals are adhered to in a proper manner. 

But one thing which is more important to nullify any malefic effect in a kundli is the genuine and kind behavior towards nature and living creatures. If we alter our behavior and add an element of kindness in it for every living being we may eradicate the ill effects of not just this dosha but also other malefic doshas creating troubles in our lives. Thanks for reading and stay in touch for more informative articles.

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