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Renovate your house to relive your Dreams by Vastu

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Vastu Tips

Renovating or upgrading a house is a tedious yet mind boggling task involving huge amount of money. But with effective Vastu tips one may renovate or in fact reset the house to bring in positivity and prosperity in the house. 

Upgrading a house becomes the need of the hour with mass constructions around and when we compare an old structure with a new one, we somewhere feel an urge to upgrade it too. 

Resetting or upgrading your house means bringing changes in the fittings, artwork, paint, flooring, wiring, plumbing and display of the house without touching the structure of the building.

A vastu complacent construction of a house plays a big role when it comes to attracting positivity and prosperity to the house. 

Those who live in a positive environment automatically get success and happiness in their lives. Their goals are realized easily without much hassle. 

Vastu is all about balancing natural five elements i.e. Fire, Water, Earth, Space, and Wind

We all know the importance of these panchtatvas as our body too is made up of these five natural elements and when we are internally as well as externally aligned with these elements nature does wonders for us!  Vastu services for a domestic flat can be effectively utilized in aligning natural energy during renovation. 

Every corner of a flat or house signifies an element and when aligned properly can bring miracles to the dwellers. 

They will get success in their endeavors along with living a contended and happy life.

Resetting involves redecorating the house without opting for a big structural renovation. 

Whole construction is rather an expensive and time taking option which can’t be resorted to with an ease. 

However, doing small alterations in furniture placements or changing color and décor of the house is much convenient. 

In this fast world, resetting the house is gaining importance and more and more people are going for this innovative approach of bringing positivity to the house. 

Even if one is living in an old construction, up gradation can be done by adding new electrical appliances or gadgets, repainting the walls, bringing new furniture and home décor items etc.

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Why should one go for renovating or resetting the house?

Have you ever felt that the business which was doing excellent in the past years has suddenly taken a halt? 

Do you feel that after few years of shifting in a property either you or other members in the family are facing health issues? 

Do you wish to stay away from your home? Do you feel lethargic most of the time?

If you notice two or more of these symptoms then it is certain that your house has a major Vastu dosha or defects like washrooms in the north-east or south-west, kitchen in the north-east, wrong entrance, missing or extended corners, depressive flooring and negative surroundings.

You as a couple have shifted in a new house but with growing family you will need extra space to meet up the demands of new members. 

In that case, re allocation of the rooms and space around the house is necessitated and this should be strictly done with the help of a vastu consultant

You might have consulted a vastu expert at the time of shifting but when you are constructing a new room or changing rooms even then it is important to channelize the positive flow of energy. This can be successfully done through a vastu consultation only. 

Very often than not, it happens that a house which attracted luck and fortunes in the initial years has turned into complete disaster bringing miseries and bad luck to the dwellers. 

The house and the vibes concerned with it have not changed but the alterations over the years bring drastic changes in the vibes of the house. 

So, it is important to consult a vastu expert after every few years to keep the house aligned with the surrounding positive energies. One needs to do small alterations every time major changes are done in the house to do away the negative energies. 

A vastu complacent house always holds more value than other houses and this adds to the unique features of the house promising more resale value.

Constant blockages in work or illness of family members indicate vastu defects which have to be rectified timely before any major loss occurs. 

Diseases in the house are the first symbol of vastu defects in any house which is caused due to the imbalance of energies surrounding that house.

Over a period of time, everything depreciates and needs maintenance and remolding. 

So, it is very important to add fresh vibes to the house while ensuring every corner of the house adheres to the prescribed element. 

It goes without saying that each corner of the house emphasizes a specific element. 

In this article, we are providing certain recommendations that will go a long way to re energize the house with positivity and prosperity.

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Going in bits and fractions

  • There is always a room for renovation, locate the areas you want to renovate or upgrade.
  • You should next prepare a list of major positive or negative events you must have noticed during your stay in the house. If you know the timings then it will further help the vastu expert in detecting the problem ever more clearly. 
  • You should also enlist major happenings like frequent blockages in work, obstacles everywhere, constant illness, slow moving profession/business or career, disharmony in relations and lack of peace etc.
  • You should also maintain a wish list it might be good health, harmonious relationship, huge house, foreign travel, or higher education.
  • Fix a visit with a Vastu consultant who will evaluate the existing home and will draw a new plan suiting your wish list and requirements. 
  • Finally, an Interior Designer or Architect is hired to execute the plan so prepared by the Vastu expert.

Few basis implementations

  • The entry of the house puts the first impressions over the visitors and one should get it painted in colors suggested by a vastu expert on the basis of the direction of the door. The main entrance should always be in a welcoming condition. Moreover, one should try and add as much positivity as one can through the placement of plants and lights near the entrance door.
  • While doing vastu for home, one should ensure natural light in abundance through open area or larger windows in the house. Sunlight ensures bringing natural energies to the house. As per Vastu, larger windows towards the north and east bring prosperous energies to a house.
  • If changing the hardware fittings is not possible then one can also wipe them all with sandalwood oil as a vastu remedy. The properties of sandal wood oil are known to bring focus to an unfocused mind and energy as well.
  • Installing vastu-specific paintings or artwork attracts great fortunes to the place. Artworks create harmonious energies in the space if placed nicely. 
  • You must have noticed specific shapes of tombs and temples around the world. These specific geometrical shapes and patterns bring specific vibes to the space and improvise surroundings. Our ancestors were scholars and introduced use of specific geometric patterns to improve the energy of a certain place. On the contrary, if you have placed wrong depiction in a wrong direction then also it may play havoc on the prosperity of the house. It is necessary to know appropriate directions to place any kind of artwork or painting. For example: a painting of a tall mountain or hill in the north or east wall of your house may bring disasters, whereas a waterfall in the north brings tremendous luck for the dwellers.
  • Colors are very important and have immense power to affect us. In vastu, various colors have been specified for specific directions and locations. If we paint each corner of the house in specified colors then our life is sure to be filled with joy and positivity. Colors have healing capabilities too and can be successfully used to cure illness as well. 
  • Dark colors like grey and black are not considered good for flooring the house as they are considered to suck the positive energy of the house. Earth is a prime Vastu element. Earthy tones like brown, yellow and, ivory are most suitable for flooring the house. It is important to know that one should avoid using white Makrana marble for floor while there is no harm in using artificial marble or Italian marble.

If one has interest in vastu then it is worth learning this ancient science through a learn vastu program from any reputed institute like Future point. The knowledge goes a long way in ensuring peace and happiness in and around the house.

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