Significance of the Process of Kundli or Horoscope Matching for Marriage!

Marriage is not just a social arrangement wherein two people simply decide to live together as husband & wife. It is a sacred union of two souls that come forth and vow to spend their lives together by being at each other’s side in moments of both happiness as well as sorrow. We all have heard that there are some matches which are made in heaven!

Well, this is nothing but a fancy notion and the truth is- every match is made right here on our planet by none other than us. However, it is the heavenly bodies in the form of planets that cast their highly significant effects on us and play a phenomenal role in shaping up various aspects of our lives, including marriage.

Whether a couple will have a blissful married life or a marriage that is full of friction and far away from love & trust, simply depends upon the state of planets in the respective horoscopes of the couple and the compatibility of their horoscopes with one another based on the principles of the ancient & divine science of Vedic Astrology!

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Power of Planets

Planets to a major extent, decide the very course of a person’s destiny based on their positioning in that person’s Kundli or Horoscope. It is these planetary effects as per our Kundli that determine, whether a particular set of our actions will yield us favourable results or our efforts will simply go in vain.

If our actions are backed up by positively placed planets in our horoscopes, then success is a natural outcome in our lives. However, if our actions are getting the malefic influence of ill placed planets in our horoscopes, then we end up facing repeated hurdles and eventually, failure in our lives. Planets during their periods of operation, affect various aspects of our lives as per their positioning in our Kundlis as well as their natural characteristics.

Significance of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a science that reveals what the planets have in store for an individual with respect to various aspects of that individual’s life. Vedic Astrology empowers an astrologer to decode how the planets are slated to affect every aspect of a native’s life based on their positioning in the native’s Kundli or Horoscope.

As soon as an astrologer identifies an ill placed planet in the horoscope of a native and deciphers the likely troubles that the particular planet will bring along at the time of its operation in the life of the native, the astrologer finds out powerful remedies that address the root planetary problem. These remedies are problem & planet specific and are extremely powerful.

Hence, Vedic Astrology helps us to know what the planets hold for our future and gives us the timely opportunity to perform remedial measures that can nullify or minimize the problems that certain ill placed planets in our horoscopes are slated to bring in our lives.

Role of Vedic Astrology in Ensuring a Successful Marriage  

The rate of divorces have always been extremely low in India as compared to many western countries. This is simply because Indians diligently adhere to the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology and go for the process of Kundli Matching before finalizing a marital union.

This process, also known as Kundli Milan, basically involves matching the horoscopes of both the boy & girl in order to evaluate their compatibility factor with each other. Kundali Matching reveals the future of the proposed marital union of the boy & girl, should they choose to tie the knot together as per the behaviour of different planets in their respective horoscopes.

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How Does Kundli Matching Work?

The process of Kundali Matching involves evaluation of the Kundlis of both the boy & girl on various parameters to know whether their marriage would be a smooth, successful & blissful union or not.

An astrologer during the process of Kundli Mailan employs the principle of ‘Gun Milan’. Gun Milan means matching of certain crucial physical as well as subtle attributes of the boy & girl that become deciding factors when it comes to ascertaining their compatibility with one another as husband and wife.

There are 36 Gunas in total and in order to have a successful match for marriage, at least 18 Gunas must match between the boy & girl. These Gunas cover aspects such as nature, sexual compatibility, childbirth, mutual understanding, health etc. These 36 Gunas are divided in eight categories that come under ‘Ashtakoot’.

The eight categories of Ashtakoot are:

Naadi:                         8 Points or Gunas

Bhakoot:                     7 Points or Gunas

Gana:                          6 Points or Gunas

Maitri:                         5 Points or Gunas

Yoni:                            4 Points or Gunas

Tara:                           3 Points or Gunas

Vasya:                         2 Points or Gunas

Varna:                         1 Point or Guna

To Match Kundli for Marriage, an astrologer calculates the number of Gunas that match between the boy & girl as well as, pays close attention to the categories that contribute maximum Gunas and more importantly those that lag behind in the process.

This way even in the case of a successful match, an astrologer recommends remedial measures to enhance the categories that are lagging behind in terms of Gun Milan to further enhance the bliss, love, joy & happiness in the married life of the couple. Therefore, Kundli Matching not only reveals the true fate of a proposed marriage but also suggests incredibly effective Vedic Remedies to the couple to increase the compatibility factor among themselves.

Furthermore, Vedic Astrology by using the process of Kundli Milan, identifies the root cause of problems faced by couples who are already married because the nature of problem points out to the weak link in their compatibility score and once remedies to enhance that score are performed by the couple, problems eventually start to dissipate!

Identifying & Treating Manglik Dosh in the Kundli 

An astrologer while matching Kundlis, especially looks for the presence of a Manglik Dosh in the Kundlis of both the boy as well the girl. Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosh is a planetary flaw that arises due to the ill placement of planet Mars in the horoscope or kundli of a person.

Mars is a highly volatile planet that represents anger, accidents and mishaps if being in a disturbed state in the horoscope of a native. Therefore, if the horoscope of a native is afflicted by Manglik Dosh, then it is considered extremely bad for his/her overall married life. In certain rare cases, it is seen that Manglik Dosh in the Kundli of a native if not treated timely & properly in accordance with Vedic Rituals, even results in the untimely death of that native’s life partner.

Hence, it is extremely important to Talk to Astrologer before entering the marital domain of your life to know whether the person with whom you wish to spend your upcoming life is really a suitable match for you or not.

Remember, it is not wise to take the most important decision of your life without knowing the subtle yet highly powerful effects of planets on you as well as your would be spouse cumulatively and the result that would come thereafter in your lives together.

Simply making your decisions on emotional grounds when it comes to marriage might land you in a tough & ugly spot later on.  Whether you are facing any problem before marriage or post your marriage, consult with the Best Astrologer for Marriage Prediction Mrs. Abha Bansal and make love, joy & happiness an integral part of your married life! To those of you who ask yourselves- “What does My Kundli say about my marriage?”, we would simply say that- “Consult with the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point and find out!”

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