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Stressed for Your Child’s Behavior? – Ask Astrology

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Child’s Behavior

Child’s Behavior: Children are the pivot around which the lives of the parents revolve all the time. What efforts do they not make for their kids to turn into a noble, confident and successful human? 

They give them best of education and other required framework for their best development. But sometimes even after giving best of facilities and academic curriculum some children behave in socially unacceptable ways. 

However, every child is unique and has his own world of fascinations which can’t be judged as per the social norms. But when the physical or mental growth of a child is in such a way that it is hampering his/her development then it is a cause of concern for the parents.

​The confidence of a person is what defines his or her personality and same is true in the case of a child. By the time a child starts going to the school, his or her inner confidence starts building up. 

If these initial school years give the child a strong foundation or base then nothing in the world can stop the child to shape up a beautiful future. Every child is unique in terms of mannerism and thought process which has to be understood properly. 

Each child is gifted with a distinct temperament. So the upbringing which each child should receive definitely depends upon his/her unique personality. 

 The manner in which a child behaves entirely depends upon the upbringing along with the influence of planets and stars. 

It is the prime most duty of the parents to keep a strict check on their children’s behaviour and take necessary steps if they see something unusual or undesirable. 

A good behaviour is a prerequisite for success in any field of life including education or career, the future of your child entirely depends upon how does he behave? 

Astrology thrives to understand the psychology of the kids through the planetary placements in their charts and can provide effective remedial measures for these.

In this article, we have come up with astrological remedies for the problems related to children. Here we have enumerated varied problems related to children’s behavior and solutions to them.

General Child Behavior Problem

Stubbornness in the child: 

Children are innocent and don’t undertand the difference between the right and wrong. They ask for something they like repeatedly without realizing its importance for them. 

When this stubbornness crosses the limit then it’s a matter of concern for the parents. First of all, it is important to understand the astrological combinations responsible for the stubbornness of the kids

  • Conjunction of Mercury with Mars
  • Conjunction of Sun with Mars
  • Presence of Mangal with Ketu or Rahu is also responsible for misconduct

Lack of confidence in the child:

If a child is introvert and hesitate to speak in public then the parents shall try to talk to the child in a friendly manner to investigate about the problem. 

Astrology also helps in diagnosing the problem through planetary placements and dasha system and seeks to provide remedy for these problems. 

Talk to astrologer to find the solution to the problems related to the kids. Hence the parents shall along with talking to the children openly, consult the best astrologer in India, so that the foundation of inner confidence is laid strongly in a child.

Let’s understand the reasons for lack of confidence in a child:

  • Affliction of the Sun, Mercury and the Moon in the natal chart or kundali of a child shakes the confidence level of a kid and he lacks good communication skills and a strong emotional power. 
  • If Sun, Mercury & Moon in the horoscope of a child are well placed but they do not possess enough strength in the horoscope, then also the child faces the same symptoms as mentioned above.

If a child shows such symptoms then the parents should consult online with a qualified astrologer to check the placements of the above mentioned planets. 

They should follow the remedies provided by the astrologer so that the negative effects of the planets may be reduced. This is important to know that vedic astrological remedies as mentioned in the Indian Vedas and Shastras are extremely effective.

  • Even if the Sun, Mercury & Moon are strong and benefic in a child’s horoscope and still he is not able to show up his caliber then it is the running Mahadasha & Antardasha of the child that is creating problems and hence, the Astrologer gives remedies for the malefic transit and the dasha of the child. The remedies are generally provided for:
  • Remedies to be followed for the current transit to reduce the malefic effects.
  • Remedies for lifetime that a child should follow to keep the malefic planets under control.

How to help your child?

It depends upon the choice of the parents how they want to influence the behavior of their child. Here are few tips that prove helpful in promoting good behaviour in a child:

  • The child should be clear enough regarding the reward or punishment based on his behavior so that he knows it very well as to how to behave.
  • When the child exhibits abnormal behaviour, he should be made aware and talked about it.
  • It is very important to praise him when he does something nice and punish him for any misbehave.

Some Astrological Remedies for your child’s behaviour

Here are some astrological remedies that are quite helpful in enhancing the conduct of a child:

  • Chant Gayatri Mantra: The most effective remedy is to make your child chant mantra for child behaviour like gayatari mantra as it helps the child to align with the positive energy of the universe and as a result, he behaves in a desired manner.
  • Spend time with elders: The child should be motivated to spend time with the elders which help strengthens Jupiter- the planet of wisdom.
  • Outdoor games: Children should be encouraged to play outdoor games as it nullifies the negative effects of Mars.

How to cure behavior problems at the school:

If the child doesn’t behave properly at the school then following considerations should be taken:

  • Spend time in the company of the right people
  • Kids observe their parents more than anything else so lead them with example rather than giving them lectures.
  • Calm parents raise calm kids.
  • Breathing exercises can help a lot in relaxing their minds.

Responsible parents should consult experienced and best astrologers like those at Future point to understand the psychology of their kids better while adopting the remedial measures for the same. 

After all, a child’s strong and balanced personality lays a foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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