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The Best Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal in Delhi

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Best Astrologer

Dr. Arun Bansal is the most renowned and familiar name in the field of Astrology and Vastu Shastra. Known as the best astrologer in Delhi and NCR, Dr. Arun Bansal also has global presence with many international accreditations by his side. He has devoted whooping 40 years in the field of Astrology and Vastu which itself talks about his experience and expertise in the subject. Serving mankind with the help of the ancient science of Astrology is the main aim of his life which he is continuing since past four decades. Dr. Arun Bansal is the world’s best and celebrity astrologer to serve many page 3 people in the country and abroad. His work has been praised and rewarded by top news channels across India.  

World’s first Astrologer to digitalize Astrology- Founder of Computer Astrology in India

An IIT professional and pioneer in astrology, Dr. Arun Bansal was the first astrologer to combine ancient wisdom of astrology with the modern computer world with his experience and knowledge in IIT field. He felt the need to create awareness about ancient treasure of our seers among masses which could only be done through use of technology. He is a founder of Computer astrology in India which amalgamates vedic knowledge of astrology with modern and technical world of computers and internet. This has certainly helped in penetration of ancient knowledge into masses as now access to age old wisdom of astrology is just a click away!

Developer of Best Astrology Softwares LeoStar and LeoTouch Series   

Our seers and ancient scholars were mastermind with divine capabilities to understand the language of celestial bodies. They could do intricate and most complex astrological calculations faster with utmost accuracy. But we modern beings lack the focus and accuracy which our ancient scholars used to have. To overcome such limitation of human mind, Dr. Arun Bansal developed world’s best astrology softwares LeoStar and LeoTouch series.

With the use of this most trusted and popular Astrology software anyone can get the most complex astrological information like casting your birth chart, knowing about dasha period, varshphal, various rajyogas and doshas, general remedies, gem stones suggestions and many more within a fraction of second. LeoStar and LeoTouch have proved a boon for modern astrologers and ordinary beings alike.

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President of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies

Dr. Arun Bansal always wanted to create a platform where he can link astrologers around the country under one roof. For this purpose, he established All India Federation of Astrologers Societies. It was a remarkable step towards growth and enhancement of occult studies and knowledge in the most appropriate and concentrated manner. Now, AIFAS is seen as the most prominent name in the field of Astrology where all astrologers can share their astrological knowledge with the world.  

The best teacher and propagator of Astrology and other Vedic Sciences around the world   

Dr. Arun Bansal has devoted his whole life in disseminating the treasure of astrology and other vedic sciences among masses. He not just limited himself to giving consultations and suggesting remedies to rectify doshas in kundali but has emerged as the biggest propagator of astrology around the world. He has taught astrology to lakhs of students with his carefully crafted astrology courses around the world. He has established Future Point, the most reputed institute of vedic sciences to benefit lakhs of occult enthusiasts. Future Point is the most trusted name when it comes to learn occult subjects as it houses the most experienced teachers which are serving for the organization since decades. The course material they provide is again matchless which help their students to learn the subject to the core in the most effective and simplest way!

Author of several books and the Chief Editor of “Future Samachar” & “Research Journal of Astrology”

Future point publishes “Future Samachaar” and “Research Journal of Astrology” which are seen as the most extensive and knowledgeable books on astrology and varied occult subjects. These magazines are published under the watchful eye of Bansal ji who also is the chief editor of these magazines. The articles and research material provided in these magazines further strengthen the knowledge base of the readers who can always use them in their field of work. Bansal ji has authored several books on astrology which impart knowledge of astrology in the simplest language to those interested in the subject. He has simplified the complex subject of astrology in different series of books proving its usefulness to the beginners and experienced ones alike.

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Organized several successful national & international astrology conferences

As seen from the achievements of Bansal ji, he is never satisfied with his work and always long for more no matter how much amount of finesse and excellence he puts in his previous works. He has organized several conferences in India and abroad to create awareness about astrology around the world. He succeeded in his purpose and held several successful conferences in the past years.

Author of “Shatabdi Panchangam”

An ephemeris is the most important tool of an astrologer and in fact it is a mark of identity for an astrologer. Mr. Arun Bansal has showed his excellence there also by creating Shatabdi Panchangam for the astrologers. To author a panchangam is an intricate task which requires a lot of understanding and mastery in astrology but Bansal ji again has given the hint of his greatness in the field of astrology through Shatabdi panchangam.

A pioneer in Vastu and Astrology alike

The list of achievements of Bansal ji in the field of astrology seems never ending but to the pleasure of the readers, he is a master of Vastu Shastra as well. He is a well known face in the field of Vastu Shastra and has ensured prosperity and success in the lives of his clients through his expert Vastu consultation. He is equally good for providing Vastu consultation for your house, office, factory or industry etc. He is widely known n to make a remarkable difference in people’s lives across the globe through his impeccable consultations. 

The importance of Astrology in gaining success in life

It is common to hear people say how talks or advice of an astrologer has helped them gain success in life. Ever wonder why? 

First of all, it’s important to understand that we all are connected to the cosmos through celestial energies surrounding each one of us. Whatever we get and whatever we face in life is due to the effects of the planetary energies surrounding all of us. We can’t deny the fact that the events taking place in the sky bound to affect our daily lives. Remember, mood swings close to new moon days or occurrence of earthquakes coinciding with major transits of planets in the sky!

Astrology may define almost everything that happens in a person’s life including all aspects like education, career, marriage, diseases, foreign settlement, love life, old age, debts and what not!

Astrology is a science and doesn’t belong to an orthodox school of learning. There is a logic behind every principle or rule that is used or followed in astrology. The first step towards success is the knowledge of the self. This can only be facilitated through astrology, sometimes it reveals such deep things or facts that turn the life of the individual completely upside down bringing major transformations in his/her life. The practical approach of Astrology lies in the fact of knowing any undesired or even desired event in advance. This always helps you remain alert and well prepared which you can always use for your benefit.  

Future insight as provided through astrology is always helpful. For example, you get a prediction that something undesired is going to happen at your job next week – in that situation you will definitely remain alert and try to control any possible consequences or adversities. The main theme is being prepared for what’s about to come, and knowing how to handle it in the most ethical way, which goes a long way to help you grow as a successful individual. 

Why Dr. Arun Bansal is the Best Astrologer?

Above mentioned points very well speak about excellence and prowess of Arun Bansal ji as an astrologer and Vastu consultant. Further his calm personality and optimistic approach towards life helps his clients to get a complete new perspective of finding solutions to the problems in their lives. 

He is an ardent follower of what has been prescribed in our ancient texts and try to guide his clients on moral and spiritual grounds. Over the years, he has gained practical knowledge of how things work and how planets affect our day-to-day lives. 

This is what keeps a lot of importance in making accurate predictions. Sometimes, practical results are different from what has been prescribed in our astrological texts and only an experienced astrologer like Arun Bansal ji can differentiate between theoretical and practical part of knowledge. The astrological remedies as suggested by him are sure to bring major relief to the people visiting him for consultation. 

He is one astrologer who is not inspired through materialistic or monetary motives and strikes to serve mankind with what has been written in our ancient scriptures through the help of astrology. He provides accurate kundali analysis, identifying and rectifying astrological doshas, match making, making accurate predictions, giving various kinds of reports, teaching, vastu consultation along with rectifying vastu doshas, and consulting people regarding different aspects of life. He is actually a divine blessing to have consultation with and the best astrologer in its truest sense!

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