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The Most Trusted Astrologer in Delhi – Dr. Arun Bansal

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Dr Arun Bansal

The occult science enables a common eye to see through the past and the future. But not all common eyes can do this extra ordinary task and some form of divinity is required in this pursuit. Strong stars combined with the blessings of Goddess Saraswati can make this unbelievable task possible. A teacher is a blessing and that too in the occult field is actually a divine fragment. 

  • FUTURE POINT- the leader in Astrology

Predicting and teaching occult science is not a forte of all but in FUTURE POINT astro solutions, you will find the most promising occult masters and teachers. Each of them will surprise you with their unbeatable command on their respective subjects of expertise.

Occult science has many branches in the form of Astrology, Parashara system, Numerology, Tarot card reading, Vastu Shastra, Crystal Healing, Palmistry, Face reading, Colour therapy, Lal kitaab, Tajik syatem, Jaimini system and many more. FUTURE POINT an institute of occult learning provides best teaching faculties to occult lovers. 

Not just limited to teaching but it has stretched its arms in the field of research, publications and the most important being LEOstar-I astrology software. FUTURE POINT has a global presence and is a trusted name when it comes to finding occult solutions.

India’s Best Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal

The science of Astrology as we all know is a vast ocean and for making predictions under this subject, one has to blend thousands of permutations and computations. It takes intricate calculations to come up with a single prediction. Our ancient seers were no less divine to do these calculations without any help of any modern calculators. But imagine the plight of modern astrologers if they had to do it the same way!!

If astrological computer software didn’t come up to the rescue of Astrology lovers and hobbyists then this ancient science must have lost long back. We are humbly thankful to Dr. Arun Bansal, the ‘man behind Indian Astrology’ as he is commonly known, who made the first-ever Vedic Astrology Software, LEOstar in 1978.

Dr Arun Bansal is a popular name familiar to everyone in the field of Occult Sciences. In late seventies when no one could imagine a software taking in account all the peculiarities of astrological calculations and notions attached to it, he actually transmitted the vedic astrological information into binary form and developed the First Ever Vedic Astrology Software. Dr Bansal has earned accolades worldwide for his achievements and efforts in the occult field. 

The main aim of his life is to spread the awareness of this mysterious science to every corner of the world for which he is leaving no stone unturned. He is a beacon of light to many who inspire to be an astrologer or who dream to take astrology to its highest endeavours. A brand in himself he has proved and showed the world how to cast a horoscope or Kundli through a computer with 100% accuracy. The Chairman and Founder of Future Point, the #1 Vedic Astrology website in India, he thrives to make astrology present at national and international forums. 

In his initial days, he was taken aback by the events happening around and their connection with the stars in the sky, his fascination ultimately pushed him in the subject of Astrology. As an IT professional his acumen in computers and technological advances helped him to develop the software which would facilitate fast and accurate calculations of as intricate a subject as Vedic Astrology. Therefore, he came up with user-friendly software based on astrology. That is how he worked in cahoots with the technology to incorporate the software concepts propounded by Parashara, Jaimini, Tajik, Lal Kitab etc. to aid him in creating the #1 Astrology Software in India -Leo Star.

His aspirations didn’t take a halt here and this one man army took it upon himself to create an organisation that lends support and unites all the astrologers around India under one roof- ‘All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies- AIFAS. He is the president of AIFAS and the organisation proclaims Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, and Vastu courses taught by top Astrologers in over 100 cities of India. 

His unprecedented charm and simplicity has attracted thousands of people to him who have benefitted themselves with his impeccable predictions and remedies. He has earned a global name and has been acknowledged as the best Astrology & Vastu consultant. With more than 40 years of experience at hand, Mr. Bansal is dear to all and with absolutely no high headedness can be easily contacted. 

Dr. Arun Bansal has won hundreds of medals and laureates which are enough to prove his mettle in the subject. His never quenching thirst for knowledge has led him work tirelessly over the long span of years.  It is his knack for perfection that he is constantly coming up with new versions of his Astrology software from Leo-1 to Leo-99, yo Leo Gold and the final outcome being LEOstar-I. This comprehensive software is trusted by millions of Astrology lovers and professionals around the globe due to its precise and reliable approach. 

Future Point is a leading name today and its website has over a million users worldwide. Dr Arun Bansal impressively has conducted Astrology Seminars all around the world and is actively working on another Astrology convention in Australia and New Zealand.

Services offered:

Experience and expertise is what counts when it comes to winning trust of the people. People seeking solutions for their problems of life come to him and Mr. Bansal ensures a smile of satisfaction at their faces eliminating their hurdles with accurate predictions and remedies. He serves as their life coach guiding their future actions. No matter what problem you might be facing, he is the man who can take you out of it with simple yet amazingly ingenious remedies. The best in true sense, Dr Arun is a celebrity astrologer with years of experience in:

  • Remedial Astrology Consultation
  • Property & Land related Consultation with an Astrologer
  • Legal Astrological Consultation
  • Vastu Consultation
  • Health Consultation
  • Education Consultation
  • Career Consultation
  • Family Consultation
  • Basic Horoscope Consultation

The above-mentioned categories are just a glance of Dr. Arun Bansal’s prowess and wisdom. He is also a leading name in the field of Vastu and has been recognised as the best Vastu Consultant in India, Vastu tips as suggested by him may turn any abode into heaven emitting positivity and contentment. 

All the reports made by him based on your horoscope will contain a detailed answer to each query as asked by you, along with vividly designed future analysis report. You can also take the benefit of Talk to Astrologer service to get answers from Dr. Arun Bansal directly.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Dr. Arun Bansal is a celebrated author of hundreds of books. He has also collaborated with some of the big names in the industry as an editor. Dr. Arun Bansal is the Top Astrologer in Delhi NCR with a service graph for more than 4 decades. With so many laureates and honours acclaimed by him, Dr. Arun Bansal is a prime choice of anyone seeking Astrology Consultation in Delhi.

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