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The slowest but the most influential Saturn changing moves

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Saturn, the planet which raises a feeling of terror and fear amongst masses is changing its movement from retrograde to direct. You must be hearing it every now and then but what does this exactly mean?

Since the news of going direct from retrograde is doing rounds, there must be something special about this heading what has made astrology enthusiasts to raise their eye brows.

Saturn is considered the slowest and thus is the most influential one. It is known to put pressure at the house it is placed in both in natal and during transit. The best astrologers keep a keen eye on its movement as it affects the predictions to the great extent.

Shani is a planet of karma means it is there to make us enjoy or suffer due to our past deeds or karmas. It is a judge of our doings and gives us punishments or rewards accordingly.

There are many significations of Saturn which mainly include longevity, sufferings, muscles, labor class, hard work, land, spirituality among others. 

A talk to astrologer may help you to understand how this most influential planet is affecting you through its placement in your birth chart or kundali

Not just the natal placement but its movement during transit brings major changes in our life. If you wish to go abroad, or want to start some new project, or in fact want to get married.

All these events majorly depend upon the supportive transit of Saturn. However, it should also get support of other planets especially devguru Jupiter or brihaspati.  But still it remains on the top of the chart to bring about life changing incidents in our lives.

Brief information of the movement of Saturn in Capricorn:

Saturn is considered a malefic in astrology and any planet in retrograde motion gains more strength than it has in its direct motion. Since, it is known to be malefic its retrograde motion brings delays, obstructions, misery, debts and chronic health issues. 

In practical terms, the effects of retrograde Saturn will depend on the natal placement of Saturn in online kundali of the native. 

After a gap of close to five months (141 days to be exact), Saturn will move into its direct motion on October 11. It was on May 23, 2021, that Saturn had moved into retrograde motion in Capricorn sign. 

Saturn will turn direct in Capricorn on 11th October at 3.44 AM in the first pada of shravan naakshatra ruled by the moon. Then it will turn direct in the same sign and will move into Aquarius on 29 April 2021. After that it will again turn retrograde in Aquarius and will come back to Capricorn on 12 July 2022. Finally it will turn direct and reach Aquarius on 17 January 2023. 

Impact of Saturn

Whenever a planet is in its own sign, it gives very good results. Since, Capricorn is Saturn’s own sign we may expect good results here. When a planet is in retrograde movement it gives different results than its nature.

It’s true nature is visible in the direct motion as the planet is in its true self. Same will happen with Saturn here. Now, we can expect good results due to its transformation into its real self.

Astrologically, Saturn in retrogression is of great significance. Saturn being the karmic planet initiates karmic rebalancing with its retrograde or backward movement. 

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Let’s understand what results it will bring through its direct movement in the lives of all zodiac signs: 


For Aries native, the direct movement will happen in the tenth house. It was retrograde earlier here but now it will get direct.

The natives were feeling delays in their work but now with direct movement they will get good results. You were facing troubles due to labor and people were not supporting you but now all these troubles will come to an end.

There will be good development in business and job and all speculations regarding career will stabilize. You will meet new people who will bring benefits to you.

You will get success in your profession with this direct motion. However, mental stress may prevail due to mother’s health. She may feel muscle pain. Married life too needs patience and behave nicely with your spouse.

Shash yoga as formed by Saturn in your tenth house will bring extremely positive results regarding career, land, vehicle and property. Take care of undue expenses. 


Saturn will turn direct in the ninth house of fortune. Thus your luck will support you in every way. Bhagyesh in its own house is a very good situation.

All desires will be accomplished and you will get the desired support of your well wishers. All you need to do is to keep on trying and making efforts.

There might be differences with the siblings but you will show endurance and hard work in your work efforts. Saturn will control negative influences of the 6th house by reducing health troubles, debts and enemies. For Taurus natives, this transit is very beneficial.

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Saturn is getting direct in the eighth house of Gemini natives. Saturn is the karaka of the eighth house, so, it will give good results here. In eighth house it will give longevity to the native and all issues related to the inheritance of the property will be resolved.

However, the natives are undergoing shani dhaiyya which creates delay in work and health issues. The direct movement of Saturn will reduce problems at your work place which you were facing earlier.

It will bring new opportunities in job as well. Only thing you have to remember is to stop depending on others rather work towards your goals. Avoid alcohol and nicotine to safeguard against 8th house placement. Recite hanuman chalisa and worship Lord Hanuman. 


The direct movement of Saturn in the seventh house is forming a shasha yoga which is a beneficial yoga. The things related to your business will improve and obstacles and delays will be removed in your routine work.

Relations with the spouse will get better than earlier but not as smooth as desired. You will notice lethargy leaving your body and you will feel more active.

Take care while communicating with the people at the work place. Spouse too needs special attention for harmony in married life. People awaiting marriage will get good news. Stay calm and stay away from any kind of arguments with anyone. 


The direct movement of Saturn in the 6th house will help you win over your enemies. Saturn is in its kaarak bhava here, so, any court cases will turn into your favor.

You will enjoy good health. In short the direct movement will help you greatly in overcoming your fears in every field. You are advised to drive carefully.

Your boss may trouble you and you may have some arguments with him/her but at the end he/ she will support you.

You are advised to act fearlessly as all delays and obstacles will be removed with this direct movement of Saturn. Take care of your expenses else it may cause your savings to drain out.

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For Virgo natives, retrograde Saturn was better as the direct movement in 5th house will give mental stress. Students need to work harder to get good results in studies.

Love relations may get sour and there might be problems in the education of the children as well. Those awaiting marriage have to wait more and those seeking government job have to work hard for getting a job.

You are advised to worship Lord Hanuman and may also put water at the roots of a peepal tree on Saturdays. 


In 4th house, Saturn is getting direct. This will create shash yoga. There is a combination of dhaiyya and shash yoga both.

So, you will get mixed results. In the 4th house, malefic planets are not considered good for domestic happiness. They tend to take you away from your home or the native has to face the environment of arguments and fights between the family members.

But at the same time, Saturn is a significator of land as well. So, it will bestow benefits from land, property and vehicle. You might face delays in your work but will remain in good health. You will win over enemies and do well in business and job.

However, dhaiyya is supposed to give mental stress but still it is in better position than earlier due to the direct motion. You are advised to analyze things carefully before taking any big decision.

Take care of your expenses as well. Don’t be adamant regarding any decision. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and irrigating roots of a peepal tree on Saturdays will be beneficial.


The direct motion in the third house of the scorpion natives will give moderate results. Since malefic planets give good results in the third house and it is also the kaarak bhava of Saturn.

The results here will be positive. You have to take care of your laziness and have to work hard. Decide in advance what you want to do and complete it without taking any breaks.

You may initially face troubles but will succeed with constant efforts. Your parents will support you and those aspiring to go abroad will succeed in their efforts. There might be some problems in love relations and students too have to work harder to succeed.

You may go for short journeys which will prove beneficial for you. Overall, the transit is very good for the natives.


For Sagittarius natives, it is the last phase of Sade saati. The retrograde motion was troublesome for the natives but they will be relieved with the direct motion.

However, mental stress caused due to sade saati will be there but direct motion will give success at the work place. Hopes will be built up and will be accomplished too.

The lenders who were troubling you much will become calm and you are advised to not fear adversities rather face them brave heartedly. 

Take care of accidents and wounds and drive carefully. You are advised to refrain from liquor. Worship Lord Hanuman. Also take of your mother’s health. Overall, the motion will bring benefits to you.


For Capricorn natives, Saturn will get direct in your zodiac sign which will be a great sigh of relief amidst your Sade Sati.

Mental pressure and stress will be reduced and you will get better health and a relaxed state of mind. Your delayed projects will come in progress. Your relatives and friends will support you in your efforts.

Saade saati will still make you take rounds but you are advised to keep trying. Your spouse may feel troubles in bones and muscles. Take care of your father’s health. You have to put in more efforts to get the desired results.

Your siblings too may face some health issues like high fever and dental issues, also they are likely to get feet injuries. Your marital life may witness disharmony too. However, your analytical power will improve and will help you in taking wise decisions. 


The direct motion in the 12th house will not bring much change. You are amidst your sade saati, so, aggression and dissatisfaction will prevail.

You are advised to keep calm and move forward. Don’t get panic at every petty thing and try to visit religious places to get mental peace.

Take care of your own people. Sine natives with Aquarius moon sign are experiencing the first phase of their sade saati, they need to be careful about what they are doing and what they are saying. There can be growth opportunities outside your country. Don’t go overboard with your expenses. 


For Pisces natives, Saturn in direct motion in the eleventh house will bring immense gains and profits. Your earnings will improve and you will be able to earn from multiple resources.

Your reputation in the society will get enhanced. You will be passionate about your profession which will push you towards new avenues.

Your relations with your spouse will be improved. Those awaiting child will get good news. Some person will come to your life as your life saver and will give you huge benefits.

The Law students will get fruitful results and their hard work will be paid off well. Also, those who are looking for good job opportunities will succeed.

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