Top 9 Best Vedic Astrology Software 2023 for Making Horoscope or Kundli

We all know that Astrology or Vedic Astrology is an occult science that deals with a plethora of complex mathematical & astronomical calculations. Therefore, for obvious reasons, any astrological analysis is as good & accurate as the calculations involved in it.

In the old days, every astrological calculation was done manually. Well, kudos to the astrologers of those times for performing incredibly tedious, time consuming and mentally exhausting calculations during their astrological analysis of any given horoscope or kundli.

However, with the advent of modern day computer based technology, we saw a huge number of software applications being invented to ease out various manual operations.

The Best Indian Astrology Software

In the field of Astrology, LeoStar is the undisputed leader when it comes to offering software based solutions to astrologers.

LeoStar, developed by Future Point, is a phenomenal Vedic Astrology Software that has been making the job of astrologers amazingly simple, for decades now.

Dr. Arun Bansal who is a world renowned astrologer and the brains behind LeoStar, has ensured that this software fulfills every single requirement of an astrologer who wants his/her astro-analysis to be nothing short of perfect.

LeoStar is an Indian Astrology Software that offers all the functionalities that are required to perform a holistic 360 degrees analysis of a horoscope or kundli.

In order to make meaningful & tangible predictions, an astrologer must not leave any cosmic variable unexplored while analyzing a kundli.

Why LeoStar?

Given the complexities involved in conducting comprehensive astrological analysis of a birth chart, the availability of a Vedic Astrology Software in the form of LeoStar, eases out the burden off the mind of an astrologer, beyond words.

The time & energy that LeoStar saves while performing an astrological analysis is simply invaluable. An astrologer can increase his/her productivity to unprecedented levels by using this software.

It must be noted that LeoStar never compromises on the accuracy aspect, thus empowering an astrologer to make highly profound & accurate predictions.

Let us make something absolutely clear- “An astrologer can perform high quality astrological analysis only if he/she employs correct and complete calculations”.

There are extensive and mind boggling mathematical calculations that are employed to ascertain the correct results of various planetary placements and aspects in a person’s horoscope or kundli.

Therefore, it is imperative & in fact, incumbent upon an astrologer to use only the best technological tool while analyzing a kundli or horoscope.

Afterall, it is the moral duty and ethical responsibility of every astrologer to genuinely strive for accuracy and leave no stone unturned while decoding what the planets & stars are signifying for a native.

With an enviable track record, LeoStar is the best Indian Astrology Software that has ever been created.

Variants of LeoStar

LeoStar is a Vedic Astrology Software that comes in a wide range of variants aimed at catering to all astrologers based on their specific needs.

Astrologers as per their professional requirements can choose the respective variant of LeoStar.

LeoStar is an Indian Astrology Software that comes in the following broad variants:

LeoStar Home Edition

This is the most popular Vedic Astrology Software among the astrologers who have just started to professionally analyze horoscopes and kundlis.

It is developed by keeping in mind the requirements of amateur astrologers or astrology enthusiasts who have taken up astrology for educational purposes.

Apart from several other functionalities, it offers the functionality of casting a horoscope and conducting match-making operations for the marital domain of people.

It also provides highly useful information about Rahu Kaal, Yogas, Festivals and Mantras that could very well be chanted for pacifying the negative effects of an ill placed planet in the horoscope.

Tables like Avakhada and Ashtakvarga that come along with this Indian Astrology Software offer deep insights while analyzing a horoscope.

LeoStar Standard Edition

This is a software that is ahead of the home edition version of LeoStar in terms of detailing. While the home edition offers basic astrology & match-making functionalities, the standard edition offers much more detailed modules of astrology & match-making.

Few its salient features include:

  • Varga Bhedas
  • Shodash Vargas
  • Sapt Vargas
  • Nakshatra Reading
  • Dasha Analysis
  • Next 30 years Transit Predictions
  • Detailed remedies for Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Yog, Sade Sati etc.

LeoStar Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is a branch of astrology that is different from the conventionally practiced Vedic Astrology. Furthermore, in Lal Kitab, there are two types of approaches- traditional and modern.

LeoStar Lal Kitab software offers analysis by incorporating both the traditional as well as modern approaches of Lal Kitab methodology.

With this software, one can easily make a Lal Kitab horoscope as well as get the Varshphal instantly.

However, apart from the Lal Kitab module, LeoStar Lal Kitab also offers the astrology module as well. So, if you want to go for both Lal Kitab as well as Astrology modules, then this is a great choice.

LeoStar Numerology

This is the best software for those who wish to club Numerology with Astrology in their analysis. LeoStar Numerology offers predictions on the basis of an individual’s date of birth and provides highly useful details like:

  • Name Number
  • Destiny Number
  • Root Number
  • Friendly Number
  • Enemy Number
  • Favourable and Unfavourable Time, Day, Date, Months and Years.
  • Yantras that one could worship based on his/her root number and destiny number.

Apart from Numerology, this software also offers detailed & comprehensive modules of Astrology as well.

LeoStar KP and Horary

Krishnamurti system of Astrology is a very unique system that is famous for making predictions for both large as well as smaller time frames by taking into account the following three together:

  • Planet
  • Nakshatra
  • Sub-Lord

The K.P system is a widely used module while decoding the future of a native, especially by taking into account the transitory movement of planets, their Nakshatra Lord and the Sub-Lord of the Nakshatra itself.

Then comes the Horary branch of Astrology which is also known as “Prashna Jyotish”. This branch deals with the questions posed by a native and follows a unique approach to find out the answers to those.

LeoStar KP and Horary is the perfect Indian Astrology Software that comes loaded with the functionalities of KP, Horary and not to mention- the entire spectrum Astrology as well.

LeoStar Muhurat

Muhurat is the specific window of time which can be either auspicious or inauspicious for performing certain specific activities or events, based on the planetary placements in the Zodiac Belt at a particular time.

LeoStar Muhurat is an amazing Vedic Astrology Software that makes it possible to perform complex Muhurat calculations with absolute ease and helps in deriving the best suitable time window or Muhurat for a conducting or starting an important task/event.

This software is highly useful in deriving auspicious Muhurats for various events & aspects of life, few of which are:

  • Marriage
  • Grah Pravesh or House Warming
  • Financial Transactions
  • Sale or Purchase of Property/Vehicle
  • Contesting Elections
  • Appearing in Competitive Exams
  • Starting off on a Long/Important Journey
  • Setting up a New Business

Apart from the Muhurat calculating module, LeoStar Muhurat contains the entire module for Astrology as well.

LeoStar Panchang

Panchang is the functionality that divides the analysis of time into five primary parts. LeoStar Panchang provides the Daily Panchang (Almanac) which helps an astrologer to incorporate certain crucial aspects of the factor of time while decoding the future of an individual.

The astrologer could see the Samvat, Lunar Month, Tithi, Sunrise & Sunset timings, Vaar, Yoga, Karan, Rahu Kaal, Hora among many other things that make a significant contribution to the overall planetary effects on an individual.

Apart from the Panchang calculating module, LeoStar Panchang contains the entire module for Astrology as well.

LeoStar Professional

This is a phenomenal Indian Astrology Software that offers an extensive array of functionalities and enables an astrologer to perform even the most complex of astrological calculations with absolute ease.

LeoStar Professional comes up with a huge number of features, incorporating which into the horoscope analysis, an astrologer can take his/her predictions to a whole new level.

This amazing technological offering in the form of a highly advanced Vedic Astrology Software offers a great deal of astrological features, few of which are:

  • Divisional Charts
  • Tables
  • Horoscope Matching
  • Vargas
  • Transit
  • Vimshottari Dasha
  • Dasha Phal
  • Varsh Phal
  • K.P.
  • Horary
  • Lal Kitab
  • Numerology
  • Muhurat
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Panchang

LeoStar Expert

This is the most comprehensive and detailed software offering from Future Point for Astrology Professionals who are Experts. In a nutshell, “LeoStar Expert is developed by experts, for experts”.

It consists of literally ALL the features & functionalities of Astrology as well as other helping occult sciences that expert astrologers need for performing a deep kundli or horoscope analysis.

Apart from having all the functionalities that LeoStar Professional has, LeoStar Expert offers in depth horoscopes such as Bhrigu Patrika, Kundli Darpan, Parashar Patrika and much more. It also offers highly useful Daily, Monthly and Yearly Predictions.

Functionality of deriving detailed remedial packages have been added in this software with respect to:

  • Gemstones
  • Rudraksha
  • Shani Sade Sati
  • Pitra Dosh

It has a Ratna Vichar (Gem Recommendation) feature which is hailed by countless professional astrologers. This feature makes accurate gemstone recommendations based on a horoscope or kundli.

It has a special 3 page Rudraksha Report for a person based on his/her specific horoscope. This report recommends the favourable Rudraksh for a person.

It offers the highly beneficial Panchang calculations and reports for enhancing the precision while making predictions.

LeoStar Expert, basically offers every single feature that other LeoStar softwares offer and is a complete & best Vedic Astrology Software that caters to any & all requirements of every expert astrologer.

All the above mentioned LeoStar softwares are supported on a Microsoft Windows based platform. However, Future Point also offers an entire range of software solutions for the Android platform as well under the name of “Leo Touch”.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose your favorite Indian Astrology Software solution from Future Point and take your analysis to a whole new level!

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