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Understand Planets to Understand Life- Astrology helps!

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Understand Planets

Astrology involves reading about your life-conditions based on the placements of planets in different houses and signs. Plants are very important in Astrology as they are the main fulcrum on which the strong foundation of accurate astrological predictions lays. In Astrology, every planet has certain specifications, meanings and significations. More or less, the theoretical meanings of planets remain the same for everyone. But as specified by the best astrologer in Delhi and NCR, the placement of planets in different signs, houses and degrees bring varied effects for varied people.

Whoever has even a little interest in Astrology or wish to learn Astrology online should understand each planet in depth to move further in his/her journey in Astrology. There are 9 planets in Astrology and each means something important to us. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the 9 planets in astrology each affecting us with their unique placements in the birth chart. Here, we seek to understand what each planet means to us and how they may affect our lives!

Each of these 9 planets except Rahu and Ketu has been given ownership of specific signs in Astrology. Thus, they carry energies of a specific sign in the natural zodiac or kalpurush kundli. These depict the inherent qualities of the signs they own too. Our birth charts show the placement of planets in the sky at the moment we were born. This is the guide map of our life. This is not mere co-incidence that you chose your particular birth time to take birth on this Earth. Rather, it was decided by divine. The planetary placements you get will decide your course of life depending upon your past deeds. This is all deep rooted and exciting to know!   

Another important thing to know is that the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus are called inner planets as they move faster and remain close to the Sun. they tend to affect us more on a more personal, intimate level. The outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu put larger, significant and non forgettable impact on our lives. 

Let’s explore about different planets in Astrology:


Sign: Leo

The Sun is called the king in the planetary cabinet. It governs our ego and sense of selfThe Sun represents the source of our ego; it’s where our true nature resides, where we rest our value system and inner qualities. When someone looks for the daily horoscope in the newspaper, he/she is majorly reading the sun sign. You are who you are due to your sun sign. The house it is placed in will also play its role in creating differences between so many people belonging to the same Sun sign. Understanding and accepting these integral qualities as depicted by the sun sign helps a person lead a positive and well-built life. The Sun signifies a father, immense strength, self-respect, immunity, power and authority. A strong Sun bestows energy and authority while a weak or afflicted Sun can give false ego and make an individual selfish, ego-centric and over-confident. A strong Sun is helpful in career and profession but is troublesome for personal relationships.

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Sign: Cancer

The Moon represents your emotions and inner feeling. If your sun sign shows your outward personality, your moon sign moves inward, revealing an emotional side of a person. It indicates how you process your inner things and moods. In Vedic astrology, Moon is a karaka of the mind, love, care, motherly emotions, mental peace, intuitiveness, positivity, and sentiments. A strong Moon in the birth chart is the biggest asset as it blesses the native with strong headedness and balanced approach towards life. It helps an individual in all stages of life, but an afflicted or weak Moon may cause troubles like negative thinking, flickering mind or depression. The Moon also depicts finances in someone’s life. A well placed Moon will depict a strong financial position for someone. Understanding the Sun and Moon signs reveal most important astrological information. 


Sign: Aries

Mars represents our will, courage and inner drives. It is a planet with fiery and passionate tendencies. Mars signifies strength, energy, promptness and confidence in a person. Mars is called an army in chief in Vedic Astrology. The planet pushes us towards aggression and volatility, but if harnessed appropriately, Mars can be our greatest source of energy, accomplishment and self-empowerment. If someone feels stuck or passive in life, understanding the placement of Mars may take him/her out of all the blues. The fiery tendencies are however not appreciated in many other aspects of life. A strong Mars is good for your career and profession but may simultaneously adversely affect your married life.


Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Mercury is the most intelligent planet in astrological cabinet. It is known to bring great intellect, sense of humour and socialization skills in a person. It basically stands for transmitting information and is known as the messenger of Gods. Your intelligence resides which sign your Mercury resides in your personal horoscope. Mercury governs our ability to communicate, explain, process and understand. Your Mercury sign indicates how you read, write, listen and talk. Mercury signifies speech, grasping power, alertness, logical thinking and intelligence. However, Mercury plays a significant role for the whole life but it assumes more importance during academic years of a child. So, understanding Mercury in the birth chart may reveal your ability to learn and teach. This also explains why Mercury retrograde creates misunderstandings and miscommunications. 

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Sign: Sagittarius

Jupiter the most benevolent planet in Astrology is known to bring luck to the native. It is known for abundance and generosity in Astrology. This biggest planet brings all sorts of good things in life. It signifies wealth, fortune, wisdom, knowledge, religion, benevolence and opportunities in life. Jupiter wishes the native to follow a religious and righteous path in life. It helps the native more in attaining good education and career. It is particularly important in the age of making career or marriage. One should understand the placement of Jupiter in the birth chart to prosper in life. 


Sign: Libra, Taurus

Venus signifies love, romance, luxuries, relationship, beauty, attraction, sex life, relationships with the life partner etc. Venus also supports professional life of a person. The sign in which Venus is placed determines how we give and receive love, and where we get comfort and feel at ease. Venus rules over aesthetically pleasing and luxurious things in life. Venus sign helps you understand relationships in deeper manner as you can make out what you need for yourself and also for your loved ones.


Sign: Capricorn

Saturn is called a task master and strict disciplinarian in Astrology. It represents miseries, sorrows, discipline and commitment. Saturn is the Karmic planet that gives rewards or punishments as per the karmas of an individual. Saturn is known for throwing major challenges your way, however for betterment of the person only. Whenever a person gets major challenges in life, it is basically Saturn playing the dominant role behind any undesirable situation. Saturn forces the individual to work through the tough circumstances in life to become a better person.


Rahu is a planet of illusions and excessive materialism. A strong Rahu may bring name and fame to the person but a negative Rahu brings humiliation. Rahu makes the person have addiction to gadgets, internet and social media. Rahu makes a person negative, self-obsessed, over-ambitious and over-confident. 


Ketu is a planet of spirituality but detachment too. It shows detachment with the significations of the house it is placed in. This is a shadow planet like Rahu with no physical existence. Ketu is a malefic planet as far as worldly desires are concerned. Ketu may make a person gain tremendous growth in the spiritual world. 

A general insight on planets

However, Astrology works on theory of Karma and prescribes that no planet can give beneficial or harmful results based on their nature. It is the karmas of the native that make planets give good or bad results to the native. It depends on the person how he utilizes the worst planetary combinations to give good results and vice versa. Since planets are not placed in isolation and bring totally different results from their natural significations when placed in conjunction with other planets. 

Natural significations of the planets remain the same for all birth charts. It is the house of placement and strength of the planet that create differences in results. So, there is no need to get scared or happy with the placement of any planet without knowing the whole effect.

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