What Kind of Friend are you According to your Zodiac Sign?

The stars reveal characteristics of each sign that mark, in general, as the members of the zodiac are in friendship

Aries Horoscope

Aries has great conditions for friendship. He is generous, warm, sincere and always willing to play for who has won his feelings. It is generally very appreciated by his friends who respond positively to his optimistic, entrepreneurial, full of enthusiasm and always prone to discover the new and live adventures. Also in this area seeks to be a leader and is flattered when they trust him. Choose your friends with your heart, for sympathy at first sight. Bold and tireless, Aries is able to establish a frank and cheerful friendship and, if there is something that characterizes them, it is that they are people eager to have fun, are entrepreneurs and always willing to support their friends. Their optimism is contagious, they know how to listen, encourage and find the best solutions when a friend is in trouble.

Taurus Horoscope

Taurus is very selective with friendship and values ​​quality more than quantity. In general they have few but good friends, with whom he knows how to maintain an intimate and lasting friendship. Bullfighting have the quality of gaining the sympathy of others through their Venusian skills: it is pleasant, charming and knows how to adapt to others. As a friend he is faithful and trustworthy, willing to help others as long as they do not injure his personal interests that he always protects. It is appreciated among their friends as it exerts a beneficial effect on them: it makes them feel calm, confident and supported. As he is always willing to enjoy, since he is very strong, sensual and vital, he communicates the desire to live and enjoy. But just as he is faithful and rewards the trust he is given, when he feels betrayed or damaged, he does not forgive easily.

Gemini Horoscope

Gemini give much importance to friendship. In general, they frequent a great diversity of people who satisfy the different inclinations of their versatile personality and, above all, their need to learn and know. They are very popular and enjoy popularity, as well as fun and sparkling, they are generous and always ready to help and go when a friend is in trouble. Having a conversation with a Gemini friend will always be interesting; They are extremely sociable and adaptable and accept different points of view. Being the sign of the twins, they establish with their closest friends a certain brotherhood relationship. Gemini love their friends, and often give them a higher priority than their partner. His social circle is wide, his intimates, no. Bright, fast, imaginative and expressive, their energy seems to have no limits and everything, absolutely everything, they are passionate about and would like to learn. With them there is no boredom and the best will be to let it flow.

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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer is popular and recognized by others, as they feel comfortable in their company thanks to the quick confidence they know how to create. They have a special ability to shorten distances and make those who are at their side soon feel “family”. They are generous, givers and protectors when they want a friend and feel confident. They like to cook for them, take care of them when they are sick and are rather emotional and attached. They maintain friendships for life and are not very likely to form new ones, because for them the trust and warmth that is established over time is fundamental. They are unconditional, but also susceptible to any minor inconvenience that may represent disinterest or lack of love that can lead them to move away or retract within their “shell”. When they have overcome their insecurity and extreme sensitivity,

Leo Horoscope

Friends are very important to Leo, who takes friendship very seriously. Able to make sacrifices that few would make, Leo acts spontaneously, moved by his generous heart, feels great pleasure in giving and being useful without expecting anything in return. Generally his friends owe him favors and part of the luck they usually have, is simply due to the fact that throughout life they collect the fruit of noble actions that were sown everywhere. In the vain and self-centered Leo all these qualities can be obscured, which then result in boasting and bragging and can lead to strong antipathies. Leo has a strong character and is very proud; That is why he especially needs sincere friends, who are able to make them see their defects very sweetly. Because of its natural tendency to leadership, They are the ones who carry the singing voice, spread enthusiasm and are very charismatic. Its firmness and its decision make it really essential for those who need to feel safe.

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo likes to make plans with friends. They are discreet and reserved, very demanding and the most perfectionist. They look for everything in their life to be perfect and, although they choose their friends carefully, they tend to be confident and suffer disappointments. But once he has chosen a friend, he cultivates it and is very compliant and committed to his commitments, he is able to abandon any personal question to go when necessary; but he also expects them to act like him and may resent him if he doesn’t. Virgo understands friendship rather than as a pleasant or exchange relationship, as something transcendent and serious; as an alliance to face the difficulties of life, a kind of society or brotherhood of mutual benefit, where you have to comply. They love to have intelligent conversations and in which they can discuss different aspects of life, the story, etc. Virgo is always when things get difficult, he will know how to give good advice and find the practical way out of each situation.

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Libra Horoscope

Libra is a sign that is easily made of friends because of the considerate, attentive and charming way it has. Always looking for stability and balance, never by your side can someone feel uncomfortable or disturbed, rather they achieve a pleasant and good-treatment climate. They are people who always look for and know how to see the best of each situation, they know how to listen and love sincerity at all times. They look for good habits in friends and healthy relationships. If the Libra see that there are situations to which friends take them that are not good for them, they will not follow the flow and leave this friendship, always in a diplomatic way. They are very patient with friends, with a great capacity for communication and tend to be great mediators, what makes the conflicts between friends are resolved quite quickly with them as a center. Ruled by Venus, they always know how to give good advice regarding issues of image, art and aesthetics.

Scorpio Horoscope

Passionate, possessive and jealous, also in friendship, Scorpio reveal these qualities. They always stand out, they are very different people from others, they have a personality that makes them unique. They seek and know how to know their friends deeply, they have no hairs on the tongue, their attitude is complete, honest, can not silence lies, injustice and often gets into trouble to point out what others want to hide or ignore. They are committed and responsible to their friends and also require the same from the other party. Many times they may seem insensitive or do not care what causes their words in others, however, what they pursue is clarity and they get involved in such a way that they make their friends’ issues their own.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius is a very sociable sign and among its main values ​​is friendship. He likes to have many friends of his own choosing, expressing his interest and sympathy. He is very generous and often protective. Appreciated for his cheerful character, his permanent optimism raises the tone of any meeting. He is ready for celebration and fun but also for deep and philosophical talk. In general it is ostentatious, exaggerated and seeks to attract attention, but sometimes it may have little tact or be something indiscreet and bring to light issues that others prefer to leave hidden. He is a perfect friend to travel, explore and discover new places. When their nature is high they are sought as counselors, they are the quintessential friends who have wise and benevolent judgment, moderator of passions and who acts as a moral balm.

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn is a sign that is not easily made of friends, because it is very reserved and somewhat suspicious. They like more intimate and sincere relationships, shyly moving away from expansion and noise. When he manages to open up and trust, he is as persevering and loyal as in the rest of his things. They seem impenetrable, difficult to know in depth but very useful. At the time of an emergency, they will always be with their friend at the foot of the canyon. Goats are very thoughtful and like to show off their knowledge by sharing it with their friends. They tend to try their friendships by giving them time, but it never gives them a second chance. With a hint of melancholy, it is important for Capricorn to be with friends since that feeling connects them with joy, warmth and the desire to live.

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Aquarium Horoscope

Sign of friendship par excellence, they carry these links with utmost comfort and perseverance. He is the ideal friend, willing to help and happy to be useful. Reserved and prudent, it is rarely trusted and lends itself to the confidence that others always end up doing because it is more about listening than talking. He understands and respects the private life of his friends and is very discreet in that sense, he departs if he considers that it can bother. He rarely demands exclusivity and shares his friends with others as an intermediary of friendly relationships that are established between individuals that he links with each other. He is generous, detached and capable of great altruism. He is very understanding but can be bothered if he is strongly insisted on something contrary to his ideas or wanting to impose others,

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces is a universalist sign that adopts an attitude of close proximity to its friends. He is a friendly, calm and beneficial friend. Little active in his choices, he lets himself be sought by those who approach him in search of the serene and even mystical climate that surrounds him. Sometimes it is difficult for him to mark the limits of his individuality and he often finds himself supporting an invading attitude on the part of those who do not understand his fraternal, peaceful and idealistic modality and who mistakenly judge as weakness. Pisces are sweet, sensitive and faithful but very emotionally demanding. They turned themselves in?? to their friends, they are partners and even lead a group as long as they adopt the role of counselors. They are very observant people, which allows them to empathize with each other right away.

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