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Zodiac signs: what is the weakness of each of them?

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Zodiac Sign

Your date of birth can reveal many things about your life, including your biggest weakness; We tell you what yours is, according to your zodiac sign.

Each person has a whole series of qualities, capacities, defects and weaknesses that characterize them, and the zodiac sign to which they belong can give you a clearer picture; we tell you what your “Achilles heel” is, as the weak point of an individual is popularly called; We tell you which one is yours.


Having to ask others for help is the last thing an Aries wants, as they try not to let others see that they have a vulnerable side or that they depend on others.


His insecurity may be his greatest weakness because he does not feel prepared to leave his comfort zone; This makes you lose very important opportunities.


In the case of those born under the influence of Gemini, they can become very negative due to their lack of confidence; he always believes that he will not be able to do something or meet his goals.


Cancer individuals have a great weak point: their heart, and there are those who take advantage of it; they are easily hurt emotionally, by disappointments, betrayals or even being abandoned.


What for them is one of their best qualities, is actually part of their worst weakness: their ego. He is never willing to expose his feelings or be honest with other people so as not to look helpless, but he only ends up alienating others.


Those belonging to the sign of Virgo have a terrible obsession with perfection and this makes them lose themselves in their own convictions and do not take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.


His need to pretend to be something he is not or hide his true personality, all to fit in and make people like him; the problem is that it is very obvious and people realize that it is not sincere.


The beings that belong to Scorpio cannot trust others, and that is their weak point; create negative ideas in your mind about things you could do but are not really true.


His weakness is something that this same sign creates, because it is his lack of commitment; In addition, they tend to break down when they are unable to meet their needs or do what they want.


Capricorns fall apart when they fail to accomplish a goal; they end up getting depressed and believing that they are not capable or skilled for any challenge that may come their way.


The biggest weakness of an Aquarian is that he is afraid of being hurt or that his independence will be affected, therefore, he prefers to run away from his responsibilities and get away from any type of commitment.


It may be one of his greatest strengths but also his greatest weakness ; This sign tends to care more about others than their own life, and this is the reason why some end up taking advantage of that nobility.

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